What are Thigh High Boots?

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Thigh high boots are boots which are designed to stretch up to the thigh of the wearer. Generally such boots are worn by women, and they are often perceived as rather aggressive, assertive footwear. Some shoe stores carry thigh hight boots, and they can also be ordered through online retailers. It is also possible to order custom-made thigh high boots, which will often have the best fit and look the best, making the higher cost worth it for some women.

Because thigh high boots draw attention to the legs and thighs, they tend to look best on tall women, especially tall women with slender figures. On shorter women, a pair of thigh highs can be a bit overwhelming, especially on women with short torsos, as the boots can highlight the woman's shortness rather than accentuating her legs. It can also be difficult for shorter women to find boots which fit properly, as a result of the fact that thigh high boots are typically scaled for longer legs.

All sorts of materials can be used to make thigh high boots including leather, felt, cloth, and plastic. Some manufacturers make thigh high boots with soft uppers, to make them more comfortable, and cloth or felt thigh high boots are sometimes designed to roll at the top, allowing the wearer to adjust the boots to the ideal height. As a general rule, the boots fit properly when the top of the boot falls about a hand's width above the knee.


These boots can zip, lace, or hook, depending on the design, and some companies make boots with gussets, straps, or other features which allow the wearer to adjust them. This can be crucial for women with bigger or more muscular legs, allowing them to adjust the boots so that they are comfortable, while women with more thin legs can tighten the boots to ensure that they stay snug and look attractive.

Manufacturers make thigh high boots with a variety of heel heights and styles, from ballet boots to flats. Learning to walk in thigh high boots in any heel style can be tricky, as the boots can be somewhat restrictive. Sitting and dancing gracefully can also be a bit of a challenge, especially in new boots; women should try out new thigh highs at home to get used to them and break them in before taking them out on the town, and in the case of leather boots, an application of moisturizer can help to make the boots more supple and comfortable.


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Post 5

Platform thigh high boots were pretty popular once before I think back in the late seventies and eighties. We used to call them over the knee boots and whenever I see a pair I always think of the famous rock band "Kiss"! Besides the bands dramatic black and white make-up, thigh high platform boots are a huge part of their unique look. That's one thing they're famous for!

I'm not certain but I think ZZ-Top had ladies in thigh high boots in their "She's Got Legs" music videos too. They were white patent leather and very sassy.

Wow, I'm starting to show my age here! But those were some really fun times when music and fashion and television were all really coming of age. I like over the knee boots and I'm glad they've made a come back. And if they make plus size thigh high boots, count me in!

Post 4

I love thigh-high boots! I'm not tall at all, I'm only 5'3'' but I don't think that these boots make me look too short. I do have a really petite shape though, so maybe that helps. And since it has high heels, that's always a plus with boots.

I have a dark blue suede pair and I wear them with blue or white jeans. They look very cute and the best part is that they are so warm, perfect for a cold winter day!

Post 3

@burcidi-- Yea, thigh high boots are everywhere these days. I see them in fashion magazines all the time.

I actually wanted to get a pair but my mom won't let me. She calls them "Pretty Woman shoes" because apparently Julia Roberts wore them in the film Pretty Women. I guess she played a prostitute in that film and my mom thinks that this is what thigh high boots represent! It's really sad because that's not true! And I was way too young when Pretty Woman was made, I haven't even seen the entire movie.

I wish she wouldn't automatically think of that film when I say thigh high boots. Because they are so fashionable and two of my best friends already own a pair. It looks like it's not going to be happen for me though.

Post 2

Leather thigh high boots were very in last fall/winter season and I think they're going to be in this year as well.

I had never seen them until last year when I guess fashion designers favored them over other kinds of boots. But I think they look great! I especially like them with tights and long sweaters. It really does bring a lot of attention to the thighs but I'm happy with that since I have thin legs.

I always hear from fashion designers that women should wear clothes that bring attention to their best body parts. So for ladies who are tall and thin, thigh high boots should be one of their favorite fall/winter shoes this year.

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