What Are Therapy Swings?

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Children who have sensory stimulation problems can benefit from therapy swings. These are devices that look and feel like a normal playground swing but that are specifically designed for children who have problems with sensory stimulation. When a child has a disorder of this nature, he becomes unable to cope with social situations and is in danger of becoming a recluse. Therapy swings aim to prevent this from happening by providing a controlled sensory experience. Indoor swings with secure mounting offer a parent a chance to monitor the child at play.

Therapy swings are used to treat children who have certain psychological problems. They are said to be especially useful for children who have a sensory processing disorder (SPD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), or autism. The reason why the therapy swings are said to be successful is that they offer constant stimulation to these children who are in need of it. These swings are also designed to assist children in being more focused.


If a child has an SPD, he has difficulty processing the information from his senses. Children with these problems usually have difficulty with behavior in social situations. The problem also negatively impacts learning. Children with these conditions who are exposed to sensory stimulation have grave difficulties in coping. The noise of a crowd may be too difficult for the child to handle and he may begin to behave peculiarly. As a result, the child begins to withdraw from these situations, becoming isolated and unhappy.

Therapy swings are said to help children in this situation by providing them with controlled sensory stimulation. There are a variety of swings, each of which serves a specific purpose. Net swings apply pressure to a child's joints and muscles which helps to calm his nervous system. It is also possible to buy ladder swings as a means of improving coordination and strength.

There are therapy swings designed for indoor use as well. A number of companies have created support bars which can be hung from doorways, allowing the child to use the swing under the supervision of an adult. If an indoor therapy swing is used, it is best to purchase one with hard mounting as this offers stronger support. Soft mounting requires less installation, but there is always the possibility that it will fall, possibly injuring the child in the process.


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