What are the Uses of Nettle During Pregnancy?

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Nettle has a variety of properties which can be helpful for keeping women healthy during pregnancy. It is very useful for maintaining good kidney function. There are several vitamins and minerals in nettle which are important for pregnant women to consume. Use of nettle during pregnancy is thought to help strengthen the vascular system. It is also known to improve breast milk production, both in quantity and quality.

Taking nettle during pregnancy is known to keep the kidneys healthy. Since blood volume increases significantly during pregnancy, the kidneys have to work harder to process and cleanse it, so keeping them functioning properly is critical. Nettle can also help make the kidneys stronger, which in turn helps with handling this increased activity. It also works to keep them clear of mineral buildup that can lead to kidney stones.

The wide variety of vitamins and minerals in nettle make it an ideal supplement during pregnancy. It has a very high iron content, which can help decrease the chances of developing anemia. Nettle also provides a large amount of folic acid, which is very important for fetal development and can help decrease the risk of certain birth defects as well. The calcium in nettle can help reduce muscle pain and cramping in the legs, which can be a problem for some pregnant women, and uterine cramping postpartum. It also provides significant levels of vitamins A, D, and K, as well as potassium, phosphorous, and sulfur.


The vascular system can also benefit from use of nettle during pregnancy. Nettle is known for increasing the strength and resilience of the arteries and veins; the increased blood volume and overall additional physical stress of pregnancy make this quality very desirable for pregnant women. Women can be prone to getting hemorrhoids while pregnant, so the strengthening effect of nettle on the veins may help alleviate this issue. The chances of developing varicose veins, another common issue in pregnancy, may be decreased. Nettle may also help minimize the potential for hemorrhaging during and after giving birth.

While the use of nettle during pregnancy can be very helpful, its continued use after giving birth is also recommended as it can help with breast milk production. Many women have found that their milk production increases with the use of nettle. It may also make the milk richer and more nourishing for the baby.


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