What Are the Uses of Horse Chestnut Seed?

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Horse chestnut seed is a natural supplement that is widely used in Europe and other parts of the world, but is relatively unknown in the United States. A number of claims are made for the health benefits of the seeds, including aiding in the improvement of blood circulation. While utilized in a number of alternative health traditions, horse chestnut seed is banned in some countries, owing to information indicating that regular consumption can lead to the development of life-threatening health issues.

Proponents of horse chestnut seed point to anecdotal evidence indicating that use of the supplement can be very helpful in promoting healthy blood circulation, especially to the extremities. The properties of the supplement are understood to provide nutrition that helps to strengthen the veins in the body, even while helping to keep those veins supple and somewhat flexible. The end result is that the veins can convey blood flow more efficiently.

In addition to strengthening veins and maintaining efficient blood circulation, horse chestnut seed is also understood to help minimize the development of varicose veins. Along with this benefit, the supplement is thought to help reduce the severity and incidence of leg cramps, possibly owing to the properties of the supplement helping to increase the efficient absorption of nutrients like calcium into the bloodstream. There are even claims that regular use will help to reduce the chances of leg spasms and also prevent the development of hemorrhoids.


Horse chestnut seed is also thought to be a tonic for the body that boosts the function of the immune system. A stronger immune system means that the body is able to deal with infections with greater ease, and even promote healing of broken bones or cuts to the skin in a shorter period of time. The supplement is sometimes claimed as providing nourishment to muscles and other connective tissue, protecting the body from the development of health issues such as arthritis.

As with most natural supplements, horse chestnut seed should not be used in conjunction with other over the counter or prescription medication without the express permission of a physician. This is especially true if those medications are being used to treat circulation problems or one of the other ailments that horse chestnut seed is believed to prevent or resolve. Should any issues develop while using the supplement, discontinue use and do not resume usage until after discussing the issues with a physician.


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