What are the Uses of Bentonite and Psyllium?

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Bentonite and psyllium are used together as part of cleansing program. Proponents of cleanses believe shakes made from these ingredients will ease the discomfort of constipation and diarrhea, ease indigestion pain, and rid the body of parasites, bacteria, and viruses. There is no solid medical evidence proving that cleanses are necessary or improve health. The ingredients in a bentonite and psyllium cleanse are not harmful in and of themselves, so there is little concern about the safety of the cleanse.

This cleanse works on the premise that the normal mucus that builds up in the digestive tract can create blockages. Proponents also believe that the intestines can harbor viruses, parasites, and other organisms that can negatively affect health. The bentonite clay is believed to bind to these foreign bodies. When the benotine is excreted from the body, the foreign material is expelled as well. Psyllium, which is high in fiber, and a common ingredient in mild laxatives, encourages elimination, helping to sweep the bentonite and excessive mucus from the digestive tract.


Proponents of bentonite and psyllium cleanses recommend putting one tablespoon(15 ml) each of bentonite clay and whole husk psyllium into an 8 ounce(227 gram) glass of water or juice. Stir or shake to mix thoroughly. It is important to drink immediately, because the psyllium will absorb the liquid and expand, creating a thick paste that is unpleasant to drink. After drinking the cleansing beverage, follow-up with a glass of plain water.

Drink the bentonite and psyllium cleanse on an empty stomach, which means at least one hour after eating or taking any supplements or medicine, and allow another hour before eating, or taking any other supplements or medications. The simplest way to ensure an empty stomach is to take one cleanse drink first thing in the morning, a second in the mid-afternoon, between lunch and dinner, and a third before going to bed. Timing becomes a little more difficult for those interested in taking more than three drinks daily.

One of the advantages of a bentonite and psyllium cleanse is that it is possible to eat a regular diet while taking part in the cleanse. Proponents of the cleanse believe that better results are achieved by reducing or eliminating the consumption of dairy, flour, sugar, meat, and processed food while completing the cleanse. It is important to drink an adequate amount of water during the cleanse to prevent stomachaches and constipation. People who develop constipation while on a bentonite and psyllium cleanse should reduce the number of drinks consumed each day until the problem resolves, then increase consumption gradually.


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