What are the Uses of Apis in Homeopathy?

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The homeopathic remedy apis is named after the honey bee. Honey bees are used in the preparation of apis. When used in homeopathic medicine, apis is used for various conditions and illnesses including skin disorders, urinary tract infections, and arthritis.

In homeopathy, apis is prepared from the female honey bee’s stinger and body. Once the preparer collects the female honey bees, they are mashed and left to steep in alcohol. This process produces the tincture apis.

Various skin disorders and conditions can benefit from the homeopathic use of apis. Hives are red raised welts on the skin, usually accompanied by itching and rash, can appear anywhere on the body and are often the result of an allergic reaction, and can benefit from the use of apis in homeopathy. In addition, apis can be used to treat reactions to insect and bee stings and bites such as swelling, itching, and burning.

Other skin disorders can benefit from the use of apis in homeopathy. This includes a demonstrated effectiveness in relieving pain associated with sunburn, which often results in reddened or blistered skin. Other uses include treating rashes that present with welts or swollen blotches of skin.


Disorders and conditions related to the urinary tract are another use of apis in homeopathy. Urinary tract infections respond well to homeopathic treatments using apis. In addition, those suffering from urine retention difficulties or any other conditions associated with painful urination may benefit from using apis as a homeopathic medicinal remedy.

Those diagnosed with an inflammatory disease can also benefit from the use of apis. Arthritis sufferers can find relief by using apis as a homeopathic remedy. Other inflammatory conditions that respond well to the use of apis in homeopathy include pleurisy and peritonitis. Inflammation related to the liver, kidney, or ovaries may also respond well to apis homeopatic medicine treatment.

Symptoms related to the common cold and flu can also benefit from the use of apis. The homeopathic remedy can help relieve a fever, reduce inflammation, and relieve a sore throat. Mumps and measles may also respond well to the use of apis by a qualified homeopathic doctor.

Apis in homeopathy may also be used to treat eye conditions and ailments. Red eye, or conjunctiva, and styes are just two of the many eye conditions apis can help treat. Apis can also help reduce swelling, or edema, under the eyes and on the eyelids.


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