What are the Symptoms of Mold Exposure?

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While some individuals may be more susceptible to the symptoms of mold exposure than others, the basic symptoms of the condition are usually quite similar. Often, individuals who are exposed to high amounts of mold experience an increase in respiratory distress and other common allergy-related symptoms. Individuals may develop skin rashes that are red and itchy, and chronic yeast infections and athlete's foot are also commonly linked to mold exposure. Although most cases of mold exposure result in relatively minor symptoms, in rare cases patients affected can develop a number of serious, life-threatening conditions. Some of these include cancer, blindness, brain damage, and even death.

One of the most common symptoms of mold exposure are respiratory distress and other conditions linked to allergic reactions. For example, individuals who may be suffering from mold exposure commonly experience increases in nose and throat irritation, nasal and sinus congestion, coughing, and difficulty breathing. Some individuals who are exposed to mold may develop red eyes that appear watery or may burn. Other common symptoms of mold exposure include a chronic headache that doesn't disappear and an increase in fatigue.


Another one of the most common symptoms of mold exposure is the development of skin rashes. Individuals who are exposed to mold for a prolonged period of time often develop skin irritations that include itching and redness, which is commonly diagnosed as dermatitis. In addition, individuals exposed to mold may develop open sores on the skin and even in the mouth, along with possible tongue discoloration. Patients who are at risk for mold exposure may also develop athlete's food, yeast infections, and other similar fungus-related disorders. Chronic infection with these conditions are often one of the first ways in which mold exposure is identified.

Though the short-term symptoms of mold exposure may not be serious, when left untreated, mold exposure can sometimes contribute to a number of very dangerous conditions. For example, studies have found that individuals who are exposed to mold for a substantial period of time may develop chronic conditions such as blindness, cancer, and in some cases, can even lead to brain damage and death. While these conditions usually can be treated and managed, the effects of them often can't be reversed. Individuals who suspect that they may be at risk for mold exposure should seek medical assistance as soon as possible in order to prevent the development of these serious health conditions.


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Post 2

The symptoms associated with exposure to mold are seemingly endless. Working in the medical profession, I have seen some of them, including diarrhea, dizziness, fluctuating blood pressure, dementia, nose bleeds and depression.

The fact that there are so many different symptoms attached to mold exposure make the condition more of a challenge to diagnose in some cases.

Post 1
A friend noticed a rash on my back one day and pointed it out to me. Because the red area was in the center of my back I hadn't seen it. I thought it would eventually go away, and it wasn't causing me any pain, so I waited for the skin to clear up.

Instead of getting better, the rash got bigger. I went to the doctor and after several visits and a lot of tests to see what I might be allergic to, the doctor determined that I was having a reaction to mold, which turned out to be in the cellar of my house. Other than the rash, I was fine, but I probably would have got other symptoms had we not figured out the cause.

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