What are the Signs of Elevated Testosterone?

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Excess testosterone is a phenomenon that both men and women can experience. However, the signs and symptoms of elevated testosterone are very different for each gender. Here are some of the more common signs that an individual may experience when dealing with an excessive amount of male hormones.

Women tend to have a wider range of negative signs when it comes to elevated testosterone levels. One of the more common problems for females has to do with hair. A woman may begin to notice the development of hair above the upper lip, or a coarsening of hair on the legs and arms. At the same time, there is a good chance she will experience hair loss on the head. If not treated, there is the possibility of severe hair loss leading to partial or complete baldness.

A woman may also have high testosterone if she begins to undergo a severe change in personality. Too much testosterone is likely to cause the female to become more aggressive, less tolerant, and in general be much quicker to take action than normal. She may also begin to notice that moments of mild depression occur more frequently and are harder to shake.


The skin can also undergo changes for women dealing with elevated testosterone. Perspiration levels begin to increase at a noticeable pace. Outbreaks of acne and other skin irritations become more frequent and are often difficult to bring under control. For some women, higher levels of testosterone may also lead to itching that moves beyond annoying and all the way to maddening.

On the other hand, men tend to suffer relatively few problems with high testosterone levels. In fact, there may be some male health benefits to increased levels. Testosterone tends to moderate blood pressure levels, lower the potential for obesity, and help fight off colds and flu. Men with higher testosterone levels are also likely to be less at risk for a heart attack.

However, high testosterone is not without some risks for men. Because the hormone increases aggressiveness and a predilection to act spontaneously, a man with higher testosterone levels may tend to use tobacco more frequently, drink alcoholic beverages to excess and develop a taste for engaging in activities that are somewhat risky. In some cases, the elevated testosterone levels may be so high that these drawbacks effectively cancel out any benefits that are derived from the increased amount of male hormone in the body.

Elevated testosterone sometimes comes about when treatments for low testosterone levels are taking place. For this reason, it is important for a physician to actively monitor the progress of testosterone replacement therapy. Close supervision will make it possible to restore testosterone levels to a normal range and thus gain the benefits associated with the male hormone while minimizing the chances of experiencing the ill effects of elevated levels.


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I am a woman who has always had elevated testosterone and yes, I experience the hair problem which is just cultural. I also can do what most men can't: have intense multiple orgasms. I am not depressed. I don't itch and never have, except for passionate sex.

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