What Are the Side Effects of Pregabalin?

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The side effects of pregabalin include digestive problems, mental difficulties, and muscle issues. There also may be symptoms of pain, lack of coordination, and bloating and swelling. More serious side effects involve skin abnormalities, problems with vision, and trouble breathing. In rare cases, serious psychological issues can arise.

Pregabalin is prescribed for those suffering from diabetes and have pain in the extremities caused by damaged nerves. It is also prescribed for those suffering from fibromyalgia, which has symptoms of extreme fatigue, muscle pain and tenderness, and sleep issues. Those who have epilepsy are also given pregabalin. It works by lowering the number of pain signals sent out in the body, and is classified as an anti-convulsant.

Tiredness and dizziness are the most common side effects of pregabalin. Less common symptoms include headaches, anxiety, or a feeling of being elated. Speech problems, forgetfulness, and problems remembering can also be issues that come up. Other mental issues, such as problems with concentration and paying attention, can accompany the other symptoms.

The side effects of pregabalin relating to the digestive system are some of the most numerous. Nausea, vomiting, and constipation can occur, along with gas, bloating, and stomach pain. An increased appetite may also arise, along with a gain in weight. These symptoms are considered common, and happen to between one and ten percent of people who take pregablin.


Problems related to the muscles and to coordination are probably the most vexing side effects of pregabalin. They include a loss of balance, lack of coordination, muscle twitching, and shaking or jerking of the body that is not controllable. In some instances, the legs, arms, hands, or feet can swell. Most of these are infrequently seen side effects.

Rare side effects of pregabalin cause issues with the blood pressure and organs. These include high or low blood pressure, a shortage of white blood cells, and damage to the pancreas and heart. Very rarely, thoughts of suicide and manic behavior can occur.

A doctor should be called immediately if side effects that dramatically affect the skin are seen. These include hives, rashes, itching, blistering, and swelling in the face or eyes. Other side effects are that considered extremely dangerous are blurred vision, double vision, shortness of breath, wheezing or chest pain, and muscle pain, weakness, or tenderness. Vision, respiratory, and muscular symptoms are particularly a concern if they are accompanied by a fever.


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