What Are the Pros and Cons of Using Hot Shaving Cream?

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They say one man's trash is another man's treasure — in some cases, this is true, and one such example is shaving. While some people dread the act of shaving, others look forward to it. Similarly, some enjoy the warm comforting feeling of hot shaving cream, while there remain others who do not like this sensation. Some of the pros of warming shaving cream include comfort, consistency, and uniqueness. Some cons revolve around the hassle to warm the cream, a potential for skin damage, and the expense.

On an individual level, hot shaving cream may bring about nostalgic feelings of old-fashioned barber shops. There is truly something homey about using shaving cream this way. In addition to the mental comforts, shaving cream heated to the right temperature can soothe the skin and make the scruffiest of necks feel like a baby's bottom.

The consistency, or texture, is also altered during the heating process. On a chemical level, heat is energy, which acts to spread molecules out. What this translates into is a thinner and smoother version of shaving cream. This is preferred by many, but there is a fine line between a thin, comfortable cream and a watery consistency that is difficult to manage.


Uniqueness is also an asset of shaving with hot cream. For a barber shop, it can put a little flair into the business by offering a hot shave as a complementary or small-cost aspect of the service. For an individual, this can turn the normally burdensome act of shaving into an enjoyable experience. The unique act of using hot shaving cream is certainly a positive factor.

Good comes with the bad, and there are cons to complement the pros of using hot shaving cream. One such negative implication is that heating shaving cream costs money. Heat is electricity, and electricity is an expense. The device used to heat shaving cream is also a burden on funds. In addition to being expensive, heating shaving cream can be a hassle too as this act creates more work for those involved.

Getting shaving cream to become the perfect temperature is difficult, and heating shaving cream requires attention and practice. If not warm enough, the shaving cream is no different than a run-of-the-mill brand. If overheated, it can become a hot slurpy, potentially damaging to the skin. Like any decision, a person considering using hot shaving cream should weigh the pros and cons and perhaps try it out. After this period, they will be educated and in a better position to choose a conventional method or opt for the stylish and unique hot technique.


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Post 2

I like to use warm shaving cream because I think I get a closer shave. I have heard that if you wash your face with hot water before shaving and then use a warm lather it opens up the pores on your face and allows you to shave off more of the hair.

Maybe this is bunk science but I think it works for me. I also just like the feeling. It is kind of like having a hot towel placed on your face.

Post 1

I was looking for a gift for my husband last Christmas and I was at a total loss. It is kind of like, what do you get for the man that has everything? I remembered that he told me stories about going with his dad to the barber shop and being fascinated as the barber shaved his father. Then it hit me, I would get him a shaving cream warmer.

I was bale to find one online for a good price. You simply insert a can of shaving cream and give it a few moments to heat up and then it dispenses warm shaving cream. He loves it. He uses it for every shave. I am not sure if it reminds him of his father or not but at least it is a gift he likes.

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