What are the Pros and Cons of Using Homeopathy for Autism?

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Using homeopathy for autism is an idea that has been explored by many people because of reports of homeopathic treatments having a positive effect on or even curing autism. The pros of using homeopathy for autism include case studies that show homeopathic cures having a positive effect on autism. The cons of using homeopathy for autism mainly focus on the argument that the cause of autism is not yet known and that homeopathy in general doesn’t actually work more efficiently than a similarly administered placebo.

Autism is a developmental disability that affects people throughout their lives. There are no physical symptoms, but people with autism generally have difficulty with social interaction, communication and their imagination. Autism is a condition that has a spectrum, which means that some sufferers are more affected than others, and some experience different symptoms than others do. There is no known cure for autism, but many sufferers are treated through language therapy and other behavioral and medical interventions.


Homeopathic medicine is based on the idea that a tiny amount of an active ingredient diluted exponentially in water can be used to cure conditions. This is essentially the same as the theory behind inoculation, except that inoculation teaches the body to fight conditions off in the future, as opposed to actively curing them. Homeopathic treatments come in different potencies that reflect how diluted they are. The dilution process involves taking one part ingredient, diluting it in water, and then taking one part of that solution and repeating the process a certain number of times.

The use of homeopathy for autism is supported by many homeopathic practitioners, and case studies are generally used to back up this idea. Many different cases exist of homeopathic cures for autism working, although the majority of these reports are rather subjective. There are also cases where claims of homeopathy curing autism also indicate that speech, developmental and occupational therapy were used alongside the treatments, thereby undermining the effectiveness of the homeopathic treatment.

The effectiveness of homeopathy in general is a hotly debated subject because of the placebo effect, which is when people actually start to feel better from their illness because they think they are taking a pill that is actively curing them. Both homeopathy and placebos have been shown to cause temporary improvements in patients. In the case of autism, there is currently more evidence in existence which supports the idea that traditional methods of managing autism are the more effective treatment.


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