What are the Pros and Cons of Using Antique Kitchen Cupboards?

Dan Cavallari

Antique kitchen cupboards add an aesthetically pleasing look to any kitchen, and installing antique kitchen cupboards can actually increase the value of a home. Many antique kitchen cupboards are made from solid, high quality woods that are likely to last a very long time, and the craftsmanship of the cabinets is often eye-catching and durable. Such antique cupboards can be difficult to find, however, and they will be expensive to purchase. These cupboards will require regular maintenance to prevent premature wear, and adapting antique cabinets to existing spaces — especially in older houses in which measurements may not be precise — can be difficult.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Installing antique kitchen cupboards is perhaps the biggest disadvantage to purchasing them. It can be difficult to install them properly without damaging the antique piece. In older houses, the walls may not be exactly straight or floors might have warped, making it difficult to install the cabinets correctly to eliminate gaps. If the homeowner is hiring a professional carpenter to do the work, the installation process is more likely to go smoothly, but it is also likely to cost more. Having a carpenter install the cabinets is an especially good idea if the antique kitchen cupboards require refurbishing as well.

The appeal of installing antique kitchen cupboards, especially in older houses, is hard to resist: the cupboards will enhance the aesthetic of the kitchen and even increase the value of the house. Once the cupboards are installed, it will be necessary to protect them from damage from spilled foods, regular cooking processes, and so on. Foods can leak or otherwise spill when stored in cupboards, so the insides of the cupboards should be lined with protective paper or waterproof mats.

Some antique kitchen cupboards are external units that are not affixed to a wall in any way. Such cupboards can be moved and placed in any location in the kitchen with enough space for it. These cupboards are great for enhancing the aesthetic of the room and for increasing counter space for preparing foods. They can be used to store food, or they can be used to display fine china or other attractive objects; these cupboards are quite versatile and do not necessarily need to be used in the kitchen. It is important to purchase a unit that is stable and well built, as these units are usually quite tall and can tip over or sway if the legs are uneven or if joints are loose.

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