What Are the Pros and Cons of Taking Trumpet Lessons Online?

Patti Kate

Taking trumpet lessons online may be a convenient option for a student who wishes to learn the fundamentals from the privacy and comfort of his own home. Online trumpet lessons can also be convenient for those with busy work schedules. In addition, it may be an option for those who do not live near a music school. A drawback to taking trumpet lessons online is not having the one-on-one interaction with the instructor or receiving immediate feedback.

Students who learn best through one-on-one attention may feel frustrated by online trumpet lessons.
Students who learn best through one-on-one attention may feel frustrated by online trumpet lessons.

A major advantage of taking trumpet lessons online is being able to learn at one's own pace. A student learning how to play the trumpet may feel intimidated by an instructor who urges him to progress at the pace of others in the class. By taking trumpet lessons online, the student may learn at a pace that he chooses, according to his ability and personal preference.

Taking trumpet lessons online also offers the ability to learn the style of music one prefers. There is more freedom to choose from various music styles, such as reggae, big band, or jazz. Receiving instruction at a music school may offer limited options, and a student may be taught a genre that does not hold his interest.

Those who choose online trumpet instruction may review the lessons again if they wish. If there is a particular area a student has difficulty with, he may go back to that segment and watch the instruction again. This can be very helpful for many students who are learning to play the trumpet.

Perhaps the biggest advantage to taking online trumpet lessons is the ability to practice at any time of day or night. Those who have an erratic work schedule find this option very convenient. Taking online trumpet lessons is also a good option for stay at home moms.

For some, there is a downside to taking online music instruction. For one thing, computer experience is a must when taking trumpet lessons online. For this method, a student should ideally have more than basic computer skills. When receiving video and audio instruction, it's important to know how to set up a webcam. Some older individuals who have limited experience using a computer may find online music lessons too challenging.

In addition, special software may be necessary for online music lessons. Music students will need a reliable computer and active Internet connection. Computer system requirements must also be met when taking trumpet lessons online. Having to buy a new computer for the sole purpose of taking trumpet lessons online may be a disadvantage for many.

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