What Are the Pros and Cons of Designer Pajamas?

Erin J. Hill

The main pros of buying designer pajamas are that they are usually stylish and made of high-quality materials. Downsides mainly involve the high price tag designer brands may carry, and the availability of such items in a wide range of sizes for those who are plus sized. They may also be unavailable in some areas in local stores, which makes trying clothes on before buying impossible.

Designer pajamas cost more than generic ones.
Designer pajamas cost more than generic ones.

Most individuals who purchase designer pajamas do so because they are a status symbol. High-end designers are well recognized and are usually associated with affluence and are exclusive to those who can afford to pay the high price tags such items have. While those who can afford designer pajamas may consider the high cost to be a plus, those who can't may consider this a negative aspect because it limits them from buying higher-end designer clothing.

Designer pajamas made from satin are soft on the skin.
Designer pajamas made from satin are soft on the skin.

Designer pajamas may also be made of higher-quality materials than less expensive items. Fine silks and satin may be used, as well as soft materials like organic cotton. High end sleepwear is also usually more stylish and unique than less expensive items. Quality materials often brings great durability and longevity, although this is certainly not always the case, as many high end items are actually more fragile and easily torn or damaged.

The main drawback to buying designer pajamas is the price. Although prices vary depending on the designer, style of the sleepwear, and materials used, designer items are typically much more expensive than others. This cost can be offset by shopping sales, purchasing used items, or shopping lower end designers. Many designers also create separate lines for the average consumer, and these are often sold at a much lower cost.

Another drawback to buying designer pajamas is they are not always available in stores for those who live in small towns. Although they can often be purchased online, this takes away a customer's ability to try them on before buying. This can lead to more hassle if returns or exchanges are necessary because the item has to shipped back to the company. Some pajamas are fine purchased a little more baggy than usual, but with some, size is an important factor in ensure comfort and style.

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