What Are the Pros and Cons of Buying a Vacation Home?

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Many people consider buying a vacation home at one time or another, but there are some pros and cons to consider before buying a second home. On the plus side of buying a vacation home is that it can be used to gain extra income for the owner. If the vacation home is ever sold, then the owner typically will make more than he or she invested to begin with. A con to getting a vacation house is that money and time may be needed to maintain the house, even if it is rarely used. Unless the vacation spot is very attractive, the owner also may get tired of visiting the same area continuously.

While most people get a vacation home for their exclusive use, others rent out their vacation home when they're not using it to offset costs and maybe even make some money. When the owners do not want to use the vacation home, the entire house or separate rooms can be rented out to other people. If this is done, the owners should tell the renters when they are allowed to arrive and expected to leave; otherwise, owners may find it difficult to use their second home for their own vacations.


Just like with many homes, buying a vacation home is an investment on which owners can make money. Depending on the housing market, and whether the owners make any upgrades to the home, a vacation home may sell for more than its original purchase price. If the house is poorly taken care of and the housing market is in a slump, then this benefit may not be as pronounced.

A vacation home should be maintained, whether the owners want to be able to sell it at some point or not. Some of the maintenance may be small, such as cleaning the walls or floor, but the vacation house also may need major maintenance, such as replacing the roof or getting new siding. Owners should be ready to invest some time and extra money after buying a vacation home to keep it in good condition. If the house is rented out, then this typically increases the amount of maintenance needed.

One drawback to a vacation home is that it is situated in one spot and cannot move. If the area is not attractive to the owner or has the potential to lose its appeal with time, then a vacation home may not be a good investment. For people who enjoy visiting different vacation spots, buying a vacation home may keep them from going to different areas; they also they may find that they rarely use the vacation house. People who like the one area enough to visit it often may not experience this problem.


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