What Are the Pros and Cons of Buying a Used Dishwasher?

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Buying a used dishwasher can save a consumer some money in the short term, but there is a chance that the used washer can actually cost the consumer more money in the long run. It can be difficult to determine what kind of shape the washer is in, and even if it is in good condition, a used dishwasher has already been in use for some period of time, which means parts may have already begun to wear out. A used washer may also lack the newest features and technologies, and it is less likely than new models to be energy efficient.

A dishwasher can use a significant amount of electricity as well as water, so newer models are designed to reduce the need for water and electricity. Buying a used dishwasher may mean buying an older model that is less efficient, meaning electricity bills and water bills may be higher than they would otherwise be with a new model. The consumer will need to do a bit of research about a particular model before purchasing to ensure he or she is getting an up-to-date model that can help reduce electricity and water costs.


The cost of a used dishwasher is likely to be quite a bit lower than a new washer, which is a distinct advantage to a used purchase. A consumer will need to be educated about his or her purchase, however, and looking into the manufacturer's reputation, customer support, and availability of aftermarket parts will be very important should an issue arise with the used unit. It is very likely that a used dishwasher will be out of warranty, which means if something goes wrong with the washer, the consumer will have to pay for expenses out of pocket. Contacting the manufacturer or at least doing a bit of research on that manufacturer can ensure the consumer is better prepared for such issues.

Perhaps one of the biggest disadvantages of buying a used dishwasher is the purchaser's inability to find out what repairs, if any, have been done to the washer, and if it has had any chronic problems in the past. Running the machine once to make sure it works is never enough to determine the quality of the washer, and it won't be until several wash cycles have been completed that the consumer will have an idea of how well the unit works.


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