What Are the Pros and Cons of Bespoke Wedding Rings?

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A bespoke or custom-made wedding ring is a unique item that can be deeply meaningful to the wearer. One of the biggest pros is that no one else in the world will have the same wedding rings. A con, however, is that they may be cost prohibitive, as such rings tend to be rather expensive when compared to most other wedding bands.

Among the pros of bespoke wedding rings is that the bride's band can be made to perfectly match her engagement ring. Instead of taking the time needed to try to find a ring that perfectly suites the one she has been given, a bride can have a ring made. This ring can even be made to attach to the engagement ring, so the two rings essentially become one.

There are a few drawbacks that should be considered before choosing bespoke wedding rings, the biggest being price. After a simple drawing has been drafted, a mold for the band must then be made. The metal must be melted and poured, followed by the possible addition of any stones. These types of rings often prove to be much more costly than those that are mass produced because making them is very time and labor intensive.


The cost of these types of rings is largely dependent on three main factors. These include the type of metal, the cost of any stones, and the craftsmanship required to create the rings. Most makers of bespoke wedding rings will provide a consultation and an estimated cost for the rings free of charge before a couple commits to having the rings made. This estimate very helpful when choosing this type of wedding ring, as cost can be trimmed down if different metals are chosen or fewer stones are set in the rings.

If time is a factor when a couple is choosing a set of wedding bands, bespoke wedding rings are unlikely to be a good choice. Crafting these bands usually requires a significant amount of time. From the time the concept is shown to a master jeweler to the point where the rings are fitted on the couples' hands, weeks or even months may have passed.

People often want to stand out and to be unique, and bespoke wedding rings offer this benefit. These wedding rings also offer the couple who chooses them the opportunity to create the exact wedding rings they want. With bespoke wedding rings, no one in the world will have rings just like theirs.


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