What are the Pros and Cons of a Copper Farm Sink?

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A major pro of a copper farm sink is that both its color and design tend to fit in well with country decors. A main con of this type of sink is that future home buyers may not find it as appealing as a stainless steel one. It is true that buyers looking for a farmhouse style may prefer the copper though, so in that case, having this type of sink can be a pro. Copper has different properties than stainless steel, so the farm sink will likely look much different over time than when it was first purchased.

After about a year, copper sinks typically turn quite brownish. A pro, or advantage, of this is that the color tends to look quite even and attractive. Yet, a con, or disadvantage, is that before this result occurs, a more uneven, spotty appearance which may feature different greens or pinks is likely to be present in the copper farm sink. This type of metal discoloration is called a "patina" and it doesn't usually occur in stainless steel sinks.

Another con of a copper sink over a stainless steel one is scratching. While stainless steel sinks aren't likely to scratch, a copper model is susceptible to this, as the metal is much softer. Since a copper farm sink is especially large and open in design, these scratches may be more noticeable than in small or bowl-shaped vessel sinks.


While stainless steel sinks tend to be quite reflective, a copper version is usually darker, which may be a disadvantage for dimly lit kitchens. Since farm sinks are made for country style interiors though, the warmth of copper over the more modern coolness of stainless steel is a strong advantage. A copper farm sink can tie in decorative country kitchen accent pieces such as a kettle or cookware set in the same material.

Price is often a con of purchasing a copper farm sink. Copper sinks in general are typically more expensive than stainless steel models. Yet, finding an copper antique farm sink at a reasonable price is possible. Having an antique sink can be a real pro, as the style is likely to blend in well with a country farmhouse look. An antique sink style can be especially advantageous when other antiques such as a farmhouse table or pie cupboard are used in kitchen decor because it will fit in with the surroundings well; stainless steel may look too modern.


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