What are the Personality Traits Associated with the Chinese Zodiac Sign Rabbit?

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Much like their animal counterparts, people who are born in the Year of the Rabbit tend to be timid, conservative, and very sensitive, with a warm, generous side and a very sharp eye to detail. This zodiac symbol is yin, meaning that it is associated with femininity, and the fixed element of the rabbit is wood, making rabbits cooperative, generous, curious, warm, ethical, and very idealistic. Rabbits do well in mellow workplaces which focus on intellectual pursuits, enjoying work as researchers and teachers.

When someone says that he or she is a “rabbit,” it is also important to consider the year that the person was born in. This is because the Chinese zodiac runs through a complex cycle which integrates 12 zodiac animals along with five elements in both yin and yang aspects. Chinese astrology also looks at things like the place and time of birth, and all of these factors can influence someone's personality.

Rabbits are known for being extremely graceful and cultured, with impeccable manners. They are also extremely attentive, and they will not rest until they know that people are comfortable and happy. This eye to detail makes a rabbit person a superb host. Rabbits are also very sensitive people who can become quite sentimental and introspective.


Many Chinese feel that rabbits are especially lucky. Their even temperament serves them well, as they are extremely difficult to provoke, even in trying situations. You could view a rabbit as extremely conservative and sometimes foolishly cautious, but rabbits refuse to undertake a decision without considering it very carefully. As a result, it is hard to trick or mislead a rabbit, and when a rabbit offers an opinion on a situation or opportunity, it tends to be very sound and well informed.

The naturally cultured temperament of rabbits makes them wonderful diplomats, public relations people, and politicians. They also enjoy professions which allow them to exercise their introspective characteristics, such as academic research or positions as professors. A rabbit can be a very valuable addition to the workplace, although rabbit people do not thrive in highly competitive, pushy workplaces, as they are too sensitive for this kind of environment.

Rabbits form close bonds with pigs and sheep. They also get on well with other rabbits, in addition to horses, dogs, and tigers. However, rabbits are too sensitive to deal with more domineering, aggressive zodiac signs like rats, roosters, snakes, and dragons. They also tend to conflict with oxes and monkeys.


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Post 3


I think that being a rabbit is a great thing and should be sought after. Doesn't the world have something to learn from a peaceful and thoughtful point of view? The West might interpret a sign such as rabbit as a weak thing, but Eastern cultures understand the importance of such people and the values associated with them.

Post 2

People should not feel constrained by their sign, and it could well be that a rabbit in one culture is a strong symbol in another culture. Cultural interpretations of signs in symbols can vary greatly throughout the world, and there is always more than one side to things. Allowing one culture's perception to define who you are can be unhealthy.

Post 1

There is an irony which is humorous in considering the idea of an aggressive rabbit. Rabbits are cute and cuddly. Monty Python made good use of this humor in the Holy Grail, where a killer rabbit mercilessly slaughters some of the band of King Arthur. A rabbit may tend to be underestimated.

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