What are the Personality Characteristics Associated with the Astrological Sign Pisces?

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In astrology, Pisces refers to those born 20 February through 20 March, and is the twelfth, and last, sign of the Zodiac. Some astrologers assert that, since the sign is last, it has a little bit of all the eleven other signs in it. A Mutable Water sign, Pisces is said to be sensitive and imaginative.

Many astrologers see this sign as one of the most shy and nervous signs. People born under this sign are thought to be hard workers and are not usually thought of as the type who likes to take center stage. Some astrologers say that Pisceans may be prone to feeling sorry for themselves at times.

Thought to be ruled by the planet Neptune, which is associated with spirituality and intuition, Pisceans are said to be both the most intuitive and one of the most spiritual signs of the Zodiac. Neptune is also said to be related to deception and illusion, and Pisceans are sometimes said to be prone to living in their own world of daydreams.

The Fish is the symbol associated with this sign. Like the Fish, Pisceans are said to "go with the flow" of life despite their often sensitive and/or nervous nature. Many astrologers note that Pisceans are said to love deeply, but also have the tendency to be fickle.


Pisceans may be very kindhearted and giving and make good friends. Some astrologers say there is a secretive side to these people and that no matter how long you know them, there are still things about them you do not know. Many astrologers stress that Pisces is a sign that needs something, or someone, to believe in.

Blues, lavenders, and greens are often associated with Pisces, and it's associated with the metal silver. This sign is thought to rule the feet. Keywords for the personality are sensitive, imaginative, intuitive, and elusive.

The other Water signs, Scorpio and Cancer, are thought to be the most compatible with Pisces. Water signs are said to share a sensitivity that flows like water. Other compatible matches may be Taurus, Aries, and Capricorn.

Another person born under this sign may also be considered compatible. Libra and Aquarius personalities may be considered to have neutral compatibility. Pisceans may consider Sagittarius too unpredictable for long term compatibility and Leo, Gemini, and Virgo may also be thought to be incompatible for the long run. Famous Pisceans include George Washington, Elizabeth Taylor, Ron Howard, Queen Latifah, and Bruce Willis.


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Post 6

I know that Pisceans are known to daydream a lot and many people think that most Pisceans are detached from reality. I think that we daydream not because we are detached from reality, but because we have a strong imagination, creativity and enjoy spending time alone.

Personally, I am fully aware of what the realities are and I am very successful socially. I've always been a great student, I have lots of friends and I love my job. It's just that when I'm bored or frustrated, I like to spend time alone, watch movies, read books and emerge into that different world for a while. I don't think this is a bad thing, is it?

I also dream a lot at night, basically everyday. My dreams are always very vivid and I remember them the next day. Is this a Pisces thing too? Do other Pisces dream daily?

Post 5

I'm a Cancer and my wife is a Pisces. Compatibility according to our astrological signs was never something we thought about when we got married. I guess we're just one of the lucky ones.

I agree with the article that no matter how long you are with them, Pisces always manage to remain mysterious and surprising. My wife and I've been married for fifteen years but I still feel like I'm getting to know her which is a real boon for married couples.

I do think that she is too sensitive at times and can misunderstand me and get upset with me very quickly. But when she's upset and worried, I'm the calm one so I think we balance each other out.

Post 4

@Sara007-- I don't know specifically where you could go for an astrological reading. I know that there are many astrologers who do work online and can do a reading for you for a fee if you give them all your details.

I personally don't read my horoscope very much but everything the article mentioned for Pisces is definitely true for me. If it weren't for the accuracy, I definitely would not take astrology very seriously.

Something else I've noticed listening to astrologers on TV over the years is that, along with our astrological sun sign, the other signs are also equally important. I'm a Pisces but my higher sign is Scorpio. I not only carry all of the

Pisces characteristics, but also many characteristics of Scorpio.

So I think that speaking to an astrologer who can give you information based on all of your data- date of birth, time of birth, city of birth, etc.- is much better than reading the generalized excerpts for sun signs in the newspaper.

Post 3

Does anyone know a place to read exceptional Pisces horoscopes and that can do a full star chart for you?

I am curious about horoscopes for Pisces as I have recently gotten into astrology and I have been reading quite a bit of conflicting information, especially when it comes to the year long astrological guides. As a Pisces female I find the need for a quality daily horoscope and yearly guide really important to me. I know the quality of astrological readings vary greatly so I am hoping that someone will know of a good astrologer to follow. I don't want to have to keep buying a variety of books to get one good reading.

Post 2

@manykitties2 - Looking up horoscopes can be a lot of fun, and I must admit the one I read is a bit too accurate to just toss it aside as complete fluff. As a Pisces myself I have done a lot of reading on Pisces love and Pisces compatibility and I can tell you that an Aries is not really the best match for you in the zodiac.

Basically, the quiet fish can have a lot of difficulty dealing with the more brash and outgoing Aries. If you are a true Aries I would make sure you remember that you have a lot to work on with a Pisces, as you both have different decision making traits as well, which can cause a lot of friction. Get to know the guy yourself and see how things go, but just keep your characteristics in mind.

Post 1

Does anyone know if the Pisces characteristics make them a good match for an Aries?

I have been interested in a Pisces man for a little while, and while I don't usually put much stock in horoscopes I thought it might be interesting to do a little reading. My interest seems to enjoy checking his horoscope so I suppose it all boils down to at least one person believing in it. From what I can tell from reading this, my interest definitely exhibits a lot of the Pisces traits, so hopefully that is good for our match. I always liked the more quiet type.

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