What are the Personality Characteristics Associated with the Astrological Sign Gemini?

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In astrology, Gemini refers to those born 22 May through 22 June, and is the third sign of the Zodiac. A mutable Air sign, people born under this sign are adaptable and intelligent. Some Geminis may need to learn to finish and follow through on the many simultaneous projects they start.

Like Virgo, Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet connected to change and communication. Although these people have good communication skills, they can also deceive with words and show superficiality and a lack of sincerity. Many Geminis are very sociable and friendly by nature.

Typical Geminis look for idealistic, fun, spontaneous friends who share their interests. They are often turned off by overly needy types of people who would rather stay at home most of the time. Most love gossip and travel. Loud or excessive talking can be characteristically associated with the sign, especially in their younger years.

The symbol for Gemini is the Twins and some astrologers say that each of these people has two complete sides to them almost as if they had a multiple personality. These people understand and adapt to new environments easily. When they focus their energy and intelligence in the right direction, they experience much success in life.


A curious and logical mind is characteristic of the Gemini. Bright and versatile, Geminis tend to be quick learners with many interests. They are good producers at work unless they become bored. Some professions often associated with the personality include journalism, law, education, engineering, and advertising.

Yellow is the color most often associated with this sign. Green is also considered by some astrologers to be a Gemini color, especially if it is bold and bright. Mercury is the sign's metal. The shoulders, arms, and hands are ruled by Gemini and nervous energy is a characteristic. Keywords for this sign are quick, communication, curiosity, and versatility.

Aquarius and Libra, the other Air signs, are most compatible and 'in sync' with the communicative, mentally active Gemini. Leo, Aries, and Taurus are also quite compatible with the personality. Scorpio and Cancer may be compatible, depending on other influences in their charts. Pisces, Virgo, Capricorn, and Sagittarius are not usually easily compatible with this personality in the long term. Famous Gemini natives include Bob Dylan, Angelina Jolie, Mike Myers, Hugh Laurie, and Courteney Cox.


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Post 4

Interesting to hear who was second in the driving study as I did read and respond to the post about Leos being first in that study. It makes sense, but I'm curious to know if the study had an equal number of zodiac signs used in it or not.

Post 3

Gemini are curious, alert and adaptable. As drivers, according to one study they are excellent, second only to Leos. Because they need mental stimulation, they can quickly notice changes in traffic patterns.

Post 2

Thanks for your comments, anon9400 :) Yellow especially is associated with Mercury, the planet said to rule Gemini. But keep in mind that even lighter shades of green and yellow are also considered Gemini colors as well as blue, silver, violet and lilac. Perhaps you like some of these? The cooler shades are said to relate to the air sign aspect of Gemini. Different astrologers "see" different colors for the sign and some would be likely to suggest that your dislike of yellow and green could also suggest that other planets in your chart may have a bigger influence on you in that area.

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the colours i hate most is yellow & green..then why??

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