What are the Personality Characteristics Associated with the Astrological Sign Aquarius?

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In astrology, Aquarius refers to those born 20 January through 19 February, and is the eleventh sign of the Zodiac. Those who believe in astrology consider Aquarius a Fixed Air sign who is said to hold onto ideological principles. Aquarians are said to be the eccentric humanitarians of the Zodiac. Many astrologers note that Aquarians can sometimes stubbornly argue the cause of principles without seeing all perspectives of the situation as Librans are thought to do.

Aquarius is said to be ruled by both Uranus and Saturn. Saturn is also said to rule Capricorn and both signs are thought to have a somewhat reserved or cold demeanor to them at times, thanks to stern "grandfather" Saturn. Uranus is said to be the planet relating to the unexpected. The aspect of the unexpected is said to express itself in Aquarians as either inventiveness or originality or as eccentricity and unreliability, depending on the situation.

The symbol that is said to be associated with Aquarius is the Water Bearer. The Water Bearer symbol is that of a man holding a pitcher of water as if in service. Many astrologers see Aquarius as connected to the spiritual purifying of man, as in the expression "The Age of Aquarius." Aquarius, along with Libra, is thought to be the most humanitarian of the Zodiac signs.


Aquarians are said to be friendly by nature, but also can be rebellious and eccentric. The classic Aquarius is thought to be extremely intelligent and inventive. Many astrologers see Aquarius as the "genius sign" along with Leo. Aquarians are said to enjoy being original and offbeat, even if that means being somewhat of a non-conformist.

Electric blue is the color most associated with Aquarius. Aluminum is considered the metal for Aquarius by many astrologers. Aquarius is thought to rule the ankles, calves, and circulatory system. Keywords for Aquarius personalities are original, inventive, principled, and friendly.

Gemini and Libra, the other Air signs, are thought to be the most compatible signs with Aquarius. Air signs are said to be on the same mental wavelength. Aries, Sagittarius, and Capricorn may also be quite compatible with Aquarius.

Cancer, Scorpio, Leo, and Taurus personalities are thought by some astrologers to be attractive to Aquarians, but perhaps are too emotionally different from Aquarius to be compatible for the long run. Virgo and Pisces may have neutral compatibility for many Aquarians. Another Aquarian may not be a compatible partner if he or she is guided by very different principles. Famous Aquarian natives include Federico Fellini, Geena Davis, Norman Rockwell, Chris Rock, and Ellen DeGeneres.


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