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anon1003270 How Do Mothers Usually Hold Their Babies? Maybe it’s because it frees up the dominant hand
anon1003269 How Do Mothers Usually Hold Their Babies? I think you drew the wrong conclusion from your st
anon1003268 How Do Mothers Usually Hold Their Babies? Or that most new mothers are probably right handed
IPrint3D What is a Myxoid Liposarcoma? I have an unnerving situation going on right now.
anon1003250 What Are the Best Tips for Genital Depilation? My wife prefers me without pubes, but frankly, all
anon1003241 What Happened on November 5? Hanging does not cause death by slow strangulation
anon1003233 How Many Soldiers Were Killed in the American Civil War? 620,000
anon1003232 What Are the Best Tips for Cleaning Dentures? My dentures bottom ones have gone yellow under the
anon1003230 What is M-Theory? Every theory always starts with "so in the be
sablelulu What is an Optical Mouse Pad? I just went broke on a cherry armoire computer des
anon1003228 Does Bullying End after High School? Are bullies insecure individuals, period? Because
anon1003219 What is a GFCI Outlet? A GFCI is any device that interrupts a ground faul
anon1003218 What Is on-Base plus Slugging (OPS)? Baseball is basically a boring sport these days. I
FlameBlaze Are Women Actually More Hygienic than Men? I understand the above facts, but my experience as
anon1003213 Are Women Actually More Hygienic than Men? My observation is that men are more interested in
anon1003212 What Can Cause a Loss of Motor Skills? No stroke. According to a specialist, I have colon
dimchild Are Women Actually More Hygienic than Men? //A British study suggests that men might be more
anon1003208 What Are the Signs of a Raspberry Allergy? I've eaten raspberries without incident for my ent
anon1003204 Are Women Actually More Hygienic than Men? I think alot of men definitely don't care about
anon1003203 How Is Dosage Affected by a Drug's Half-Life? Charred,"I’ve heard of people on the Intern
anon1003202 What Is a Clitoral Erection? Yes, clitoral erections happen in the morning, tho
anon1003201 What is Modal? I recently bought a pair of extreme skinny jeans f
anon1003200 What is a Clitoridectomy? Any mutilating of the flesh is banned in the New T
anon1003199 What Is Amitriptyline Hydrochloride? @Turquoise: I took one pill for migraines and slep
anon1003198 What Is a Clitoral Erection? Why does my clitoral erection hurt? I have not had
anon1003197 What Is a Pineapple Allergy? Is it normal to have rashes?
anon1003196 How do I Make a Social Security Card Name Change? I petitioned for an updated card after I remarried
anon1003194 What is Noise Anxiety? Why is a mechanical and/or wild human sourced nois
anon1003193 What Is a Widow Maker? Eleven years ago, at age 60, I finished playing ba
anon1003189 What Is the Connection between Cortisone and Diabetes? I have never had blood sugar trouble. Never. Not i