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anon1000244 What is a Bill Collector? I'm dealing with these morons Now. I don't have th
anon1000243 How do I Repair Cracks in Walls? I have a horizontal crack between my vanity and b
anon1000241 What are Hard Plastic Dolls? I am trying to ID a vintage 12" hard plastic
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anon1000239 Does Grape-Nuts Cereal Actually Contain Grapes or Nuts? I love the flavor of Grape Nuts so much I once got
anon1000237 What Causes a White Tongue? I got stressed and that is what brought about my w
Marlenex What is Space Dyeing? I dye yarn in my home. I use vinegar as my mordant
anon1000234 What is a PVC Raincoat? I love PVC raincoats. They keep me very dry.
sjames What Are the Treatments for Autonomic Nervous System Dysfunction? What kinds of food do you eat for Autonomic Dysfun
anon1000232 What is 4G Mobile Technology? 4G is the fourth generation of mobile phone techno
anon1000231 What is Plug Tobacco? I used to soak a plug of Days o Work in bourbon, i
anon1000230 Is It Normal to Feel Sore After a Massage? I hope you can help. I had a deep tissue massage j
anon1000229 What is Kampuchea? Vietnam occupied Khmer territory and killed Khmer
anon1000228 What is Kampuchea? This article is not based on facts given it has a
anon1000226 What is a Man's Man? Love it! We need more men like this. Men need to
anon1000224 What Are the Pros and Cons of Using Peroxide for Mouthwash? I have on two occasions needed dental relief for a
anon1000222 Are Most Americans Financially Literate? What is the five question test?
anon1000221 Are Most Americans Financially Literate? Income level isn't the problem, either. The proble
anon1000220 What are the Effects of Alcohol on Heart Rate? I've recently noticed that having a drink seems to
anon1000217 Why Do People Overeat at Fast Food Restaurants? Eating more than a person burns up is the sole rea
anon1000213 What are Common Causes of Knuckle Swelling? I have recently been diagnosed with psoriatic arth
anon1000212 Are Camels Still Used for Transportation? I'm sure that another study could be made showing
anon1000211 Why do People Say "No Problem" in Response to "Thank You"? "No problem" is always acceptable. "
anon1000210 What is Naringin? Grapefruit also contains a large amount of fiber w
anon1000209 What is Ginseng Royal Jelly? I have a daughter who is 8 year old, one of twins.
anon1000207 What Are the Most Common Stent Side Effects? I've just had a stent out in due to my artery clos
anon1000206 How Long will Meat Stay Fresh in the Refrigerator? I purchased a round shoulder roast last week. Boug
anon1000205 What is Horehound Candy? Got some at Walmart yesterday! What a blast from t
anon1000204 What is the Difference Between an Enema and Suppository? Chemotherapy made it impossible to keep medicine d
anon1000203 How do I Remove Wax from Carpet? I had red wax from my scentsy warmer spilled on my