What Are the Most Popular Homeopathic Sinus Remedies?

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Some of the most popular homeopathic sinus remedies include those that fall into a distinct category known as isopathy, which uses the intentional exposure to specific allergens to reverse allergy symptoms. Other natural remedies for sinus infections include concoctions made with multiple ingredients such as goldenseal, Echinacea, and onion. Kali bichromicum and silicea are also sometimes used for homeopathic sinus remedies, particularly when sinus pressure causes severe headaches. Popular remedies are often directly administered by a professional homeopathic practitioner while some people prefer to purchase specific homeopathic ingredients and engage in self-treatment.

Studies have concluded that isopathic remedies are often helpful for sinus conditions such as hay fever. The use of such homeopathic remedies call for patients to be exposed to known allergens in an attempt to build the body’s natural immunity to these invaders. For instance, a person who is allergic to pollen may be given a homeopathic mixture with pollen as an ingredient with the expectation that the immune system will naturally strengthen itself to overcome physical symptoms triggered by pollen, such as sneezing and itchy eyes.


Mixtures of herbal ingredients are very popular homeopathic sinus remedies. Such treatments are often sold in prepackaged forms at health food stores or may be specially prepared by a homeopath. Mixtures of herbs and other natural ingredients may be sold in pill form, drink mixtures, dried teas or tincture form. Many who partake of homeopathic sinus remedies also prefer to purchase individual ingredients and combine them at home in various forms.

Among the most popular ingredients for homeopathic sinus remedies are goldenseal, Echinacea, mercurius, spigelia and silicea. The juice from white, red or yellow onions is also commonly used as remedies for sinus infections, hay fever and sinus headaches. Before administering remedies for sinus infections, however, most professional homeopaths prefer to first conduct an assessment to determine a person’s mental and emotional health. Doing so helps a practitioner determine which sinusitis treatment is likely to work best for an individual patient.

Some prepackaged homeopathic sinus remedies that are recommended to patients include an ingredient list of several herbs that are believed to be effective against a sinus infection. Ingredients such as belladonna, allium cepa, Mercurius dulcis, Euphrasia officinalis, Sambucus nigra, Kali bichromate and Hydrastis canadensis are believed to offer relief from painful sinuses. Individuals who use homeopathy for sinus infections often purchase ingredients separately or in prepackaged form from online vendors and retailers who specialize in homeopathic herbs.


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