What are the Most Effective Athlete's Foot Cures?

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Some of the most effective athlete’s foot cures include regularly changing socks and thoroughly washing the feet. Over-the-counter medication, including powders, gels, and oral drugs are also effective. In order to prevent the fungus from returning, an athlete or fitness buff should also try to wear shoes in the changing room because this is where the problem often originates. Some people may find benefit from alternative treatments such as tea tree oil and garlic extract.

One of the most effective athlete’s foot cures is to improve hygiene. Foot hygiene can often resolve the condition without any need for extra treatments. Changing socks is especially important if the person sweats a lot because the fungus grows best in a wet environment. A new pair of socks should be worn each time a person exercises and should be changed immediately after a workout. Regularly cleaning the feet is also essential for getting rid of foot fungus.

If better hygiene doesn’t cure athlete’s foot, the next step is to take over-the-counter medication. In most cases, the come in two forms: cream and powders. Both are effective athlete’s foot cures and should resolve the problem in a relatively short period of time. Creams and powders for athlete’s foot usually have to be applied on a regular basis until the fungus has disappeared, so it’s important to follow the instructions carefully.


Certain types of oral medication are also prescribed for athlete’s foot. In the past, these weren’t recommended due to a high risk of side effects. In recent years, the drugs have been refined to be much safer, thus making them a more common choice. Oral medication is typically prescribed for the most severe cases of athlete’s foot. Some examples of these drugs include terbinafine and fluconazole.

With many kinds of infection, prevention is often better than a cure. For those who spend a lot of time in changing or locker rooms, it’s important to wear some sort of footwear. This kind of environment, where there is a lot of moisture and bare feet, is where the fungus is most likely to thrive. A simple pair of sandals is often all that’s required to prevent athlete’s foot from spreading.

There are a number of alternative athlete’s foot cures. Tea tree oil, for example, is often applied to the affected area, although it only provides temporary relief. Garlic extract is also used for the same purpose. Alternative athlete's foot cures rarely address the underlying infection, but may reduce symptoms in some cases.


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