What are the Most Desired Maltodextrin Effects?

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The most desired maltodextrin effects are providing carbohydrates for before and after exercise. Maltodextrin can also be used to aid weight gain, providing an increased yet slow release of insulin, which is required for transporting proteins and amino acids to muscles. Maltodextrin is most commonly used for the purpose of weight gain, as well as for sustaining energy over a long period of time. For those who are not concerned with intense exercise, maltodextrin's effects may not be desired.

Maltodextrin is made from potato starch and is often classified as a sugar, technically called a polysaccharide. On a molecular level, maltodextrin is more complicated than simple sugars such as dextrose. Maltodextrin is also not as sweet as dextrose, and it provides a much slower release of energy than does normal sugar. Although it is normally used for weight gain, another desired maltodextrin effect is the benefit of having energy over a long period of time. This is rated on the glycemic index (GI).

The desired maltodextrin effects are believed to be increased when combined with other ingredients in a personalized energy drink or weight gain preparation. Combining maltodextrin with creatine, amino acids and proteins is particularly useful for providing energy over an extended period of time. Maltodextrin is often combined with dextrose to make an effective carbohydrate drink.


When used for weight gain purposes, maltodextrin can be administered in doses of up to 100 grams (g). In energy drinks, it is given in doses of between 50 g and 100 g. Another positive maltodextrin effect is that it can be used as a meal replacement. In these cases maltodextrin is taken in doses of around 10 g. There are four calories in each gram of maltodextrin.

There are no maltodextrin effects that are useful to a person who is not concerned with intense exercise and workouts. Unless a person wishes to gain weight or maintain excessive levels of energy, there are virtually no desirable outcomes. However, maltodextrin is a relatively harmless complex carbohydrate, and there are no major side effects or safety issues with taking the treatment. Drinking anything with maltodextrin, however, is not advised for anybody who doesn’t wish to gain weight or exercise for extended periods of time, as this can result in unwanted weight gain. Some users do experience some diarrhea when taking maltodextrin.


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