What are the Most Common Yerba Mate Benefits?

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In recent years, yerba mate has become popular among tea lovers and health gurus for both its flavor and its many health benefits, which include its ability to detoxify the body, boost the immune system, and increase energy. Yerba mate's benefits often compared to green tea benefits. Both teas have similar benefits and similar potencies. Some people, however, assert that yerba mate benefits are more varied and potent than green tea benefits.

In addition to being a good detoxifier, another one of the many listed yerba mate benefits is that it can help people to enjoy deeper sleep. It is also believed to help relieve some kinds of allergies. Also, much like green tea, yerba mate is believed to help the body burn calories while also curbing appetite and suppressing cravings. Yerba mate benefits also include an increased ability to focus and a lifted mood. Physiologically, yerba mate might also be benefit the health of the digestive tract and help to relax tense muscles.


Not all of the discussed yerba mate benefits have been proven through testing and experimentation. However, many people who use the tea as part of holistic or complementary medicine are fully confident of the benefits of the tea. Some of the possible yerba mate benefits include a reduction in one's risk of diabetes and hypoglycemia, a reduction in one's risk of heart attack and stroke, and the prevention of some cancers. It is also possible that one of the yerba mate benefits may be an increase in the body's ability to supply nutrients and oxygen to the heart, especially during exercise.

With so many benefits and possible benefits, some people simply drink yerba mate on a regular basis in hopes that the tea will do them some general good. There have been reports that yerba mate, when consumed on a regular basis over many years, may actual increase one's risk of some kinds of cancer. Also, as the tea is a stimulant, it must be consumed in moderation. Although there are many reported and purported yerba mate benefits, the actual scientific studies of the tea are still far from conclusive. Therefore, the best course of action is probably to drink the tea in moderation and, as always, discuss any health concerns with a certified medical professional.


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