What are the Most Common Uses for Sodium Bicarbonate Tablets?

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Sodium bicarbonate tablets are commonly used in the treatment of a number of medical conditions. One of the ways in which they are most often used is in the treatment of acid indigestion. In addition, sodium bicarbonate has also been found to be highly successful in the treatment of hyperkalemia and acidosis. These are relatively serious medical conditions that typically require on-going treatment. While other medications may also prove effective, sodium bicarbonate tablets have been found to be essential in the successful treatment of these conditions in the long term.

One of the most common uses for sodium bicarbonate tablets is in the treatment of acid indigestion. In most cases, those who suffer from moderate to extreme forms of acid indigestion are encouraged to try these tablets as a form of treatment for the condition before more aggressive forms of treatment are considered. Sodium bicarbonate tablets typically work relatively quickly, and can provide results within a short period of time. Individuals who do not find relief after using sodium bicarbonate should seek medical attention as soon as possible, as a more serious medical problem may be occurring.


Sodium bicarbonate tablets are also commonly used in the treatment of hyperkalemia. Hyperkalemia is a condition in which the potassium content of the body rises to a dangerous level. High potassium can be a very dangerous condition, and can be especially serious for those suffering from heart or kidney disease. In many cases, those who have been found to have hyperkalemia must be placed under strict medical supervision, and may even require hospitalization for an extended period of time. Though a number of medications are often given to those with this condition, sodium bicarbonate tablets play a major role its management.

Another manner in which sodium bicarbonate tablets may be used is in the treatment of acidosis. Like hyperkalemia, acidosis is a relatively serious medical condition, and requires on-going supervision. In many cases, those who have been identified with acidosis must take sodium bicarbonate tablets for an extended period of time in order to see complete treatment. Often, weeks or even months of treatment are necessary in order to achieve a full recovery. During this time period, those who have been diagnosed with acidosis must also take a number of other medications and submit to regular testing in order to make sure that lab values are returning to a normal range.


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I use bicarbonate of soda to treat my acne. I make a paste by dissolving a tablet in a little bit of water and apply it on my face as a mask. I wash it off after about ten minutes. It helps dry out pimples and prevents new ones from developing. It's also great for exfoliation.

Even some skin care brand are starting to include sodium bicarbonate in their face cleansers now.

Post 2

@burcinc-- I have taken baking soda for heartburn before. I used to put some in half a glass of water and drink it. It doesn't taste too bad, just salty. You can buy sodium bicarbonate tablets and just put one in a glass of water.

I think baking soda helps with acidity, but only for a short while. When I took it, it caused a lot of bloating and belching and I wasn't expecting that. If you suffer from stomach acidity frequently, you might want to take a different type of antacid.

Post 1

I want to buy sodium bicarbonate tablets to use as antacids, but do they really work well? And what about the taste? Is it difficult to take?

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