What Are the Most Common Side Effects of Baclofen?

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Certain side effects are commonly associated with baclofen; some of them are minor, while others are associated with overdose or are dangerous in other ways. Baclofen is an anti-spasmodic medication used to treat disorders that feature spastic movement, including multiple sclerosis, Lou Gehrig's disease, cerebral palsy and some spinal injuries. Dizziness, confusion, and drowsiness are three mental side effects that are typically considered minor, though drowsiness can also be considered a sign of overdose. Weakness and upset stomach are also usually considered minor, but at times weakness can also be considered a sign of overdose. Seizures and difficulty breathing are two side effects of baclofen that are almost always considered dangerous. Lastly, coma, unusual pupil size, and vomiting are signs of overdose when taking baclofen.

Three minor mental side effects of baclofen are sometimes observed. While all side effects can be dangerous if they persist or are extreme in nature, these side effects are usually not automatically considered dangerous. The first one is drowsiness, which is typified by a feeling of lethargy and the feeling of wanting to sleep. Secondly, confusion, a state where it is hard to focus and a person may not know what is going on or what they are doing, is also sometimes observed in people taking this medication. Lastly, dizziness, a feeling of being off balance or the surroundings seeming to spin, can also be a side effect of baclofen.

Two minor physical side effects are often observed when people take baclofen. Firstly, weakness, a feeling of fatigue or lack of strength, can be a side effect. Secondly, people consuming baclofen are often troubled by an upset stomach.

A couple possible side effects of baclofen are particularly dangerous. It is typically advised that if a person experiences either of these side effects that he or she immediately seek medical advice. These side effects can be dangerous even if they are new and have not lasted very long. The first of these two dangerous potential side effects of baclofen are seizures, which are typified either by a lapse of awareness or physical flailing or thrashing. Secondly, it is a dangerous sign when a person who is taking baclofen has any type of difficulty with breathing.

Both side effects of baclofen that are considered dangerous are also possible signs of overdose, and the two side effects that are not necessarily considered dangerous — drowsiness and weakness — have the potential to be. Three other side effects of baclofen that do not belong in either of the former categories can also be signs of an overdose: coma, unusual pupil size, and vomiting.

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