What are the Most Common Reasons for a Crib Recall?

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A crib recall may occur for various reasons, typically only after several babies have been injured or killed while using the product. One of the most common reasons that a crib may be recalled is a drop-side that can suddenly fall, allowing babies to become trapped or suffocated. Mattress support frames can also cause life-threatening problems, especially if they collapse easily and create a gap that infants can roll into. On the other hand, decorative cutouts in a crib can lead to curious infants getting their head or limbs stuck in the side of the crib. Finally, some cribs may feature lead paint, which can be dangerous when infants chew on the product.

The drop-side crib type is widespread, but there have been many recalls on this product. The fact that one side can be pushed down by the parent has often been considered convenient since it makes it easy to pick up the baby. Unfortunately, there has been more than one crib recall on this type of product, as the side that drops often leaves a gap between itself and the mattress, and can drop down unexpectedly without a parent around. Many babies have gotten stuck in the space, suffocating, which is why this is one of the most common causes of a crib recall; indeed they have been banned in some countries.


Other issues can result in dangerous gaps, as well. For example, some cribs feature tubular metal frames that support the mattress, but unfortunately this type of frame can often bend or snap under pressure. This may cause the mattress to fall, forcing babies into a small gap where they can suffocate. Of course, even if they do not get smothered, they may be injured in the fall.

Some crib manufacturers try to set their product apart by adding unique cutouts in the wood. Sadly, some babies have been able to get their head stuck in the space, either choking or scraping their face on the sides of the cutout as they struggle to free themselves. Gaps in the crib material may also entice some babies to put their arms or legs through them, causing them to become stuck. Since babies of all ages can harm themselves in various ways through cutouts on this kind of product, a crib recall for this reason should be no surprise.

Though there are strict regulations in place in most nations when it comes to lead paint, some manufacturers slip up and do not meet the guidelines. Many babies chew on the sides of their crib, which means they may ingest some of the paint or stain used to color it. If a certain amount of lead paint is present, affected babies may suffer from physical and intellectual delays that cannot be treated. Thus, a crib recall for products with lead in the paint is often understandable.


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