What are the Most Common Imipramine Side Effects?

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Imipramine is often prescribed to treat depression in adults, but it is also sometimes used to help children over the age of six get better control over their urination. Some of the most common imipramine side effects include dry mouth, nausea, and fatigue, none of which are considered serious in most cases. On the other hand, side effects like suicidal thoughts and insomnia are often considered worrisome. It should be noted that this drug typically induces different side effects when offered to children to help control their urination. For example, the most common side effects in children include nervousness and a stomachache.

There are certain side effects that are to be expected when taking imipramine for depression, and since most are quite mild, they do not usually require immediate medical attention. For example, this antidepressant often causes nausea, loss of appetite, and constant dry mouth. These imipramine side effects can typically be managed using over-the-counter medications or home remedies, though a doctor can be notified if the issues are particularly bothersome. Some patients also feel weak and tired constantly, and may occasionally notice blurry vision. Fortunately, most of these side effects are mild enough that the typical patient can continue taking the drug without issue, especially since these minor problems are usually considered a better alternative to depression.


Of course, there are some imipramine side effects that are more serious, and should prompt patients to talk to their doctor about switching medications. This is because some patients notice that the drug makes their depression worse than before, often leading to suicidal thoughts, aggressiveness, and irritability. Some patients may even become manic or hyperactive, and are frequently too restless to sleep well at night. While most of these imipramine side effects might not be physically uncomfortable, they can result in violence and impulsive behavior that can lead to bad decisions.

Children taking this medication often experience different side effects than adults do. One of the most common issues is constant nervousness, which may lead to insomnia and eventual fatigue. This may have a negative impact on both school performance and behavior, as lack of sleep is typically considered unhealthy for growing children. Many young patients taking this drug also notice gastrointestinal distress, most notably a stomachache. While these imipramine side effects are quite common, and not usually harmful long-term, they should be mentioned to a doctor if the child is having a particularly hard time getting used to them.


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