What are the Most Common Causes of Neck Pain and Numbness?

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One of the most common causes of neck pain and numbness includes high amounts of mental stress. In addition, muscle strains, arthritis, and poor posture can also contribute to this condition. Sufferers of neck pain and numbness should be sure to consult with their doctors in order to treat the underlying causes of the condition.

While stress can be a major irritant to many people, it is also one of the most common causes of neck pain and numbness. This is due to the fact that when an individual experiences a high amount of stress in his or her life, he or she tends to tense and contract the muscles of the neck. This not only can leave them feeling stiff and sore, but can also lead to significant numbness in the most serious cases. People who are experiencing high amounts of stress in their lives should consider taking a few minutes each day to mediate, relax, and perform an activity that is enjoyable.


A muscle strain is another common cause of neck pain and numbness. This condition often occurs after periods of heavy weight lifting or sudden jolts such as those experienced during car accidents. People who enjoy weight lifting and are concerned with the development of muscle strains should be sure to use proper form during exercises that put high amounts of stress on the neck. They should consult with a physical therapist or personal trainer in order to make sure that the exercise is being performed in the proper manner.

Arthritis is a common condition among older populations. Like the conditions listed above, it is also a common cause of neck pain and numbness. As when arthritis strikes in other parts of the body, arthritis in the neck can leave the person inflicted with the condition feeling very sore and uncomfortable. In addition, arthritis in the neck can sometimes lead to a pinched nerve, which is a common cause of numbness. Physical therapy and certain pain medication therapies may be effective in the treatment of arthritis.

Finally, neck pain and numbness is often caused by poor posture. Poor posture occurs when an individual puts a high amount of stress on a part of the body that is not intended to tolerate this stress, such as the neck and shoulder region. In order to prevent neck pain and numbness associated with poor posture, people should be sure to take certain precautions when standing, walking, and even sitting. For best results, they should stand or sit tall with their shoulders positioned directly over their hips.


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Post 3

This is probably not the most common cause out there but cancer in the neck region can cause neck pain and numbness too. I read about it for a class assignment. I had to write something on thyroid cancer and I read that neck pain and numbness are two of the symptoms.

Obviously, everyone with neck pain doesn't have cancer. Cancer causes other symptoms. For example, there might be a lump in the throat and the person will feel generally unwell and tired all the time.

Post 2

@discographer-- I know that high blood pressure can cause neck and jaw pain. I have experienced. I'm not too sure about the numbness however. It might or might not be caused by a heart issue. If you have a chronic ailment like high blood pressure, you should definitely see a doctor about this. When you experience these symptoms, check your blood pressure at that time to see if it's normal or abnormal.

If this is not an underlying reason, you may have injured your neck without realizing it. Damage to or pressure on nerves in the neck can cause pain and numbness too. Also check your posture and make sure that you are sitting straight. Bad posture can cause these symptoms too because of the unnatural weight and pressure placed on the neck.

Post 1

Can neck pain and numbness be caused by a heart issue? Has anyone experienced anything like this?

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