What are the Most Common Causes of Itchy Ears?

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Itchy ears can be caused by several different problems, such as a buildup of too much wax in the ear, a lack of wax in one’s ear, bugs, allergies, and even fungal infections. Skin conditions that are present on other areas of the body can also effect the inner part of the ear, causing it to become itchy. A device such as a hearing aid also may cause irritation to occur, making the ear itchy.

The development of too much wax in the ear is often the cause of itchy ears. Excess wax causes a lot of moisture to be created in the ear. Along with irritation to the skin, a person may also experience other issues such as decreased hearing or a feeling of the ear being full.

Many people naturally produce little to no wax in their ears. This means that the inner part of the ear is not properly lubricated, causing the skin to become dry. A lack of wax is typically seen in people who swim a lot and in those who clean out their ears excessively and frequently. Many doctors recommend that a person with this problem apply olive oil to the inside of the ear to help with lubrication and to protect against water.


Although it is not typical in most areas, in colder climates bugs may find refuge in a person’s ear canal. Itchy ears are caused by the irritation of the bug moving around in the ear. The bug may be flushed out using warm water and a dropper, or a doctor may remove the bug.

Seasonal allergies that cause stuffy noses, watery eyes, and general irritation can also be the cause of itchy ears. Fungal infections are rare and generally only occur in persons who swim a lot or are in the water frequently, but can cause this problem as well. A doctor will most likely need to diagnose and help treat these two causes.

As with any other area of the skin, the inner part of the ear is prone to the development of skin conditions. Itchy ears may be caused by eczema, psoriasis, or any type of dermatitis. A doctor will generally prescribe the same kind of cream that is used to treat other areas of the body with the same type of skin condition. This cream will be carefully applied to the inside of a person’s ear.


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If I have a sore throat, I can tell whether it is an infection or sinus related. If it's an infection, I'll get an itchy feeling deep in my ears. The ears and throat are connected, so this makes sense.

Really, that's the only time my ears have itched, except for the outer ear, if I get a mosquito bite, or less frequently, a pimple on the edge of my ear. Otherwise, I've just never noticed my ears itching, which is probably why I really notice it if my throat is sore. It's really annoying, too, because there's no way to scratch it!

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