What are the Most Common Causes of Heartburn and Constipation?

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There are many everyday conditions that have the potential to cause both heartburn and constipation, but some cause them more often than others. One such condition is pregnancy, which often presents with a myriad of side effects through its duration as well as afterward. Another condition that often causes heartburn and constipation is irritable bowel syndrome, which often has other painful and uncomfortable gastrointestinal symptoms. Yet another causal condition is depression. This mood disorder can be caused by physical and emotional issues and often presents with a wide range of physical symptoms in addition to the non-physical symptoms more commonly associated with it.

Pregnancy, which is the presence of an unborn developing child inside the mother, has various adverse symptoms, including heartburn and constipation. Other possible symptoms of pregnancy include urinary tract infections, swelling, and back pain. It is generally recommended to consult a doctor before consuming medications to address the symptoms of pregnancy. Some drugs can have an adverse effect on how a child develops or even lead to miscarriage, and thus should be approached with caution. Another common symptom of pregnancy that may accompany heartburn and constipation is morning sickness, which can include vomiting and nausea.


Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a disorder that typically involves abdominal discomfort as well as symptoms such as bloating and gas, but may also present with heartburn and constipation. IBS is usually considered difficult or impossible to diagnosis authoritatively and is often diagnosed when no other condition fits the symptoms and situation. Researchers are not sure what causes IBS, but there are theories that suggest that the body is not effectively communicating with the gastrointestinal system. Drugs that address constipation or diarrhea, as well as the many other symptoms that can affect people with IBS, are often used to ease the associated discomfort.

Depression has also been linked to negative physical symptoms like heartburn and constipation. This condition generally involves feelings such as sadness or hopelessness and often leads to problems such as sleep disorders and general fatigue. Physical symptoms like heartburn and constipation are fairly common, as well as muscle aches. Depression can be caused by both psychological factors, such as the loss of a loved one, as well as physical factors, such as a chronic disease. This condition is frequently observed as a symptom or is diagnosed simultaneously with other mood disorders or mental illnesses.


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