What are the Most Common Causes of Facial Itching?

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There are numerous possibilities when it comes to causes of facial itching, ranging from everything from dry skin to infections to viruses. Treatments will vary based on the underlying cause of itching, although there are topical creams which may offer relief temporarily until a cause can be determined. In order to receive a firm diagnosis, patients who are suffering from chronic itching should see a dermatologist or family doctor for a thorough examination.

Many causes of facial itching are simple to remedy and do not cause any long-term issues. An unwashed face, for example, can cause uncomfortable itching or discomfort. Dry skin is another common malady that can often be fixed by using a simple over the counter moisturizer. Hair products or facial cleaners can also cause allergic reactions, so if any new products are being used, they should be ruled out as the source of itching, especially if the itching occurs in the same area the product is applied. Hair gel, for instance, can cause itching around the hairline.


Allergies can also cause more severe facial itching along with hives and other skin irritation, so if the source of an allergic reaction cannot be found quickly, a trip to the doctor may be in order. Additional causes of facial itching can include insect bites or sunburn, both of which can normally be treated at home with lotions, aloe vera, or other topical medications. Bites that swell abnormally large or are accompanied by other symptoms may be signs of a venomous bite, and should be considered a medical emergency. Sunburns are usually not serious, but they should be avoided due to the long-term risk of skin cancer.

There are more serious causes of facial itching which should be examined promptly by a dermatologist or a family doctor. Herpes simplex virus can cause itching around the mouth, often accompanied by small raised bumps. The bumps may come in clusters and may become painful as time passes. Herpes is usually contracted from someone else through kissing, oral sex, or other circumstances in which oral fluids are passed from one person to another.

Many viruses are also accompanied by facial and bodily itching. Most of them are usually mild and self-limiting in children, such as chicken pox or fifths disease. Adults who contract chicken pox or shingles, which is caused by the same virus lying dormant in the body and then reactivating, can be much more serious. These conditions may cause itchy rashes with raised bumps or red areas and are accompanied by a high fever, chills, and body aches. A doctor’s guidance is recommended.


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Post 3

@turquoise-- There are so many possible facial itching causes-- like eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, allergies, etc. See a dermatologist!

Post 2

@turquoise-- I think some fungal infections can affect the face. You need to see your doctor though to be sure.

It's also possible that your face is irritated from shaving. Do you also have a rash on your face or redness? You said your face is dry, could you be having an allergic reaction to a face product, maybe your aftershave?

I had facial itching only once before and it was because of a new face wash containing tea tree oil. I discovered at that time that I'm allergic to tea tree oil. The face wash made my skin very red and itchy.

Post 1

Is it possible to have a yeast infection on the face?

My face has been itching a lot lately, and my skin looks dry too. I've been shaving frequently, I don't know if it's because of that or if I have some kind of a skin infection. I go to the pool several times a week. Could I have gotten something from the pool?

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