What Are the Medical Uses of Golden Root?

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Golden root, or Rhodiola Rosea, tends to grow in high, mountainous locations with cool weather. This plant can be consumed raw, or the extract can be taken in capsule or tablet form. In recent years, golden root has become increasingly popular because of its numerous medicinal uses. Some of its primary benefits include reducing fatigue, minimizing irritability, increasing mental capabilities, increasing physical capabilities and improving sleep.

Perhaps one of the most appreciated uses of golden root is its ability to reduce fatigue. It's known as an adaptogen, which basically means that it helps improve the body's level of functioning. As a result, the body is able to perform more efficiently and becomes fatigued at a slower rate. This is beneficial for many people because it allows them to accomplish more with less recovery time. In addition, sexual functioning and endurance are also known to improve after consuming golden root.

Minimizing irritability and an overall calming effect on the body are other benefits of this plant. This is mainly because golden root contains antioxidants that protect the cells of the nervous system. As a result, the body and mind are less susceptible to stress. This makes the plant ideal for people with stressful and demanding jobs.


Increased cognitive functioning and overall improved mental capabilities are additional uses for golden root. Studies have proven that an individual's ability to focus and retain information is improved after consumption of this plant. It can be extremely helpful for students to routinely take golden root for this reason. Tasks like completing homework and writing research papers often become significantly easier.

Physical capabilities are also known to improve when consuming this plant. The body and mind are better equipped to achieve optimal performance and overcome physical strain. It also helps the body to recuperate after being put under stress. Physically demanding sports like football, baseball and basketball can be played more efficiently as a result. More and more athletes are starting to implement this plant into their training regimen.

Improved sleep is another medicinal benefit that is likely to result from golden root. This includes making it easier for the individual to fall asleep and also reducing the likelihood of waking up and not being able to get back to sleep. As a result, daytime functioning is likely to improve as well. That's why insomnia sufferers often benefit from consuming this plant on a consistent basis.


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