What are the Medical Uses of Elderberry Extract?

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Elderberry has long been used as a natural remedy for a variety of medical issues. It is known to boost immune function and help fight off viruses, which makes it an ideal treatment for illnesses such as colds and flu. Respiratory and sinus infections may be treated with elderberry, as it is an expectorant and helps reduce mucous. Elderberry extract can help lower cholesterol and improve heart health, and its anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce the pain and swelling of arthritis and other diseases. It is also thought to have positive effects on a wide range of various other issues.

The flavonoids in elderberry extract are known to help increase immunity for those who take it. It has also been shown to help prevent viruses from being able to attack the cells in the body. Due to these properties, it is often used to treat colds and flu, as well as other types of infection. Patients frequently report recovering more quickly and having less severe symptoms when they take elderberry during an illness than if they do not.


Elderberry extract can also ease the symptoms of diseases that affect the sinuses and respiratory system. It is a known expectorant, so illnesses such as bronchitis may respond well to it; it may also be helpful for those with asthma. Sinus infections and colds can also be treated with elderberry as it can help reduce mucous production. Those with allergies such as hay fever may find elderberry a helpful alternative treatment.

Another medical use for elderberry extract is to help prevent cardiovascular disease. Studies have shown that elderberry can help reduce cholesterol and prevent buildup of plaques in the arteries. It is also thought to improve overall heart function and health.

Known for its anti-inflammatory effects, elderberry extract can help treat issues and pain caused primarily by inflammation. For example, patients with arthritis may find relief by using this treatment. People suffering from the pain of rheumatism may also benefit from using it.

There are several other areas where elderberry extract can have beneficial effects. It is thought to help improve vision. It has mildly laxative and diuretic properties, so it may help ease constipation or water retention. Use of elderberry extract may work to ease anxiety, and is said to help reduce neuralgia pain. Some consider it to be helpful as a supplement when trying to lose weight.


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