What Are the Health Benefits of Sprouts?

T. Carrier

Sprouts have long been recognized as one of the most healthy food sources for humans. They include a variety of different vegetables, including broccoli, soybeans, and radishes. One of the major benefits of sprouts is their high nutrition content. Various vitamins and minerals — as well as oxygen supplies and estrogen — are abundant in sprouts. In addition, some believe that natural compounds found in sprouts possess important disease-fighting capabilities.

Alfalfa sprouts contain numerous nutrients.
Alfalfa sprouts contain numerous nutrients.

The presence of numerous nutrients, including calcium, potassium, and iron, represents one of the primary benefits of sprouts. The essential nutrient of protein is also easier to digest in non-cooked or non-processed foods. The following vitamins are abundant in various sprouts as well: K, E, C, B complex, and A. All of these nutrients rise in sprouted foods as compared to when the foods are non-sprouted. These foods are therefore an inexpensive way to get the healthy bonuses provided by fruit and vegetable consumption.

Sprouts can be a nutritious addition to a fresh vegetable salad.
Sprouts can be a nutritious addition to a fresh vegetable salad.

In fact, nearly every part of the body can tout benefits of sprouts consumption. For example, estrogens found in these plants can possibly strengthen bones. DNA may also be strengthened and enhanced by the presence of plentiful antioxidants in sprouts. Antioxidants may work to reduce the damage induced by electron-stealing molecules in the body.

In addition, the rawness of these foods adds to the benefits of sprouts. For one, rawness provides individuals with another valuable nutrient: oxygen. Raw food is also less acidic and thus more safe for the body. Further, carbohydrate and calorie counts tend to be lower in these substances, which make the foods ideal for many diets.

Two substances found in sprouts may be true life-savers. Researchers have discovered that the amino acid-based substance canavanine could alleviate the effects of several cancers, including leukemia and colon cancer. Saponins, on the other hand, wield a double benefit: potentially reducing negative cholesterol and fat levels and providing a boost to the immune system’s disease-fighting cells. Fiber and healthy fatty acids provided by these foods can also enhance immune capabilities, perhaps providing one of the most crucial benefits of sprouts.

The health benefits of sprouts can be kept at an optimum level if an individual grows his or her own sprouts. In general, these foods can be created easily by first soaking relevant seeds or grains in water for several hours. Once the base substances have been rinsed, they are simply placed in a jar until they expand and begin to sprout. The appearance of small green leaves at the edges of the seeds or grains signals that sprouts are in peak form.

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