What Are the Health Benefits of Passion Flower?

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There are several potential benefits of passion flower when used as a dietary supplement. This herb is commonly used to treat anxiety, insomnia, and seizure disorders. Additional benefits can include relief from menopausal symptoms, nerve pain, and attention deficit disorder. This herb may help to promote cardiac health and is sometimes used to help alleviate symptoms of opiate withdrawal.

Passion flower is sometimes used to help treat anxiety and panic disorders. The calming effects of this herb may also make it useful in treating insomnia or the excitability that commonly occurs among those with attention deficit disorder. It may take up to a month for the patient to begin noticing these benefits.

Those with seizure disorders may also get some benefits from these supplements, as this herb is thought to help decrease mild seizure activity associated with fear or anxiety. Patients should consult a medical professional before using passion flower to make sure that it with not interacts with any prescription medications that are being taken. Nerve pain, such as that experienced among those with multiple sclerosis or myofascial pain syndrome, may respond to the use of passion flower supplements as well.


Among the possible benefits of passion flower is the promotion of cardiac health. This herb is thought to help regulate blood pressure levels and may also help to correct abnormal heart rhythms. When used in conjunction with an herb known as hawthorn, passion flower may help to relieve shortness of breath experienced by those with congestive heart failure.

Passion flower is sometimes used to help relieve symptoms associated with withdrawal from opiate medications such as morphine. Those who are trying to stop smoking nicotine or marijuana and recovering alcoholics may also benefit from the use of this herb. Symptoms such as anxiety, tremors, and cravings may be reduced.

While most people are able to safely use passion flower supplements, a medical professional familiar with the her should always be consulted before beginning treatment. Due to the mild sedative effects of this supplement, it may not interact well with some other medications. Passion flower should not be used as a replacement for traditional medical care, but with medical supervision, it may be a safe and healthy addition to an overall treatment plan.


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Post 3

I use passion flower for insomnia. I take a tablespoon of the tincture or make tea from the flowers and leaves right before bedtime. I fall asleep quickly and get a good night's sleep. I think passion flower is improving my mood as well. Sleeping well is definitely a mood enhancer, but I also feel more positive overall. I think this herb is very valuable and I wish it were known by more people.

Post 2

@donasmrs-- Like the article said, passion flower can regulate blood pressure. I have high blood pressure and anxiety. I use passion flower without problems but I don't take it daily. I only take it when I'm very tense. When I get upset about something, I usually experience anxiety and high blood pressure at the same time. I do take medications for high blood pressure but passion flower is a supportive supplement that helps me calm down.

I have not experienced any negative side effects of the herb nor has it interacted negatively with my other medications. But you must ask your doctor if passion flower is safe for you before trying it. Also, you should never replace your prescription drugs with supplements. That's not safe and in the case of blood pressure, it can be extremely dangerous.

Post 1

Can I use passion flower as a supplement for high blood pressure? Are there side effects?

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