What are the Health Benefits of Manuka Honey?

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The benefits of manuka honey generally relate to health, and the honey is often used for its antibacterial properties both internally and externally. Manuka honey may be useful for increasing the speed at which wounds heal as well as keeping them from becoming infected. The honey is also occasionally used on burns to help them heal faster and reduce the severity of scarring. The benefits of manuka honey when taken internally include aiding in digestion as well as helping to alleviate sore throat and various types of internal infections. Even though most experts agree that manuka honey may be useful for treating all kinds of ailments, more research likely needs to be done before the honey is widely recommended as an alternative to more conventional types of treatments.

A person with any type of wound or cut may benefit from putting a dab of manuka honey on the affected area. The honey can act not only as a barrier to prevent infection, but it may also kill any bacteria that already exists inside the wound because of its natural antibacterial properties. People frequently use manuka honey on burns because it may speed up healing and prevent infection. When wounds are treated with manuka honey before bandages or other dressings are applied, it may be easier to remove the wound dressings without pain because the honey can keep the stickiness of the bandages from adhering to the skin.


People who suffer from digestive problems may be able to reap the benefits of manuka honey relating to digestion. Stomach illnesses that cause vomiting, diarrhea, and stomach pain may be alleviated by manuka honey, particularly if the illness is due to a bacterial infection rather than a virus. People who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, or IBS, might also benefit from eating a little bit of manuka honey every day. It is already widely known that honey in general is useful for a sore throat, but manuka honey may be especially helpful for sore throat problems because it might help to kill any bacteria that might be responsible for a sore throat.

In spite of the many possible benefits of manuka honey, there are a few side effects related to its use. Some people experience minor skin irritation when they use manuka honey on wounds. This is likely the result of the high levels of acid in the honey, which might also cause a burning or stinging feeling when applied. There is a slight risk of botulism from all types of honey, particularly raw honey, and manuka honey is no exception to this rule. The risk of botulism is much higher for children less than the age of one because of their undeveloped digestive systems, and for this reason doctors generally warn parents not to give any type of honey to children less than one year old.


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