What are the Health Benefits of Chlorophyll?

Sara Schmidt

Chlorophyll is thought to provide leafy green vegetables with their antioxidant and nutritional benefits. The health benefits of chlorophyll, such as lowering one's risk of cancer and potential usefulness in combating arthritis, have inspired many people to buy supplements of the blood of plants. Chlorophyll is also said to help strengthen the immune system.

Swiss chard is a good source of chlorophyll.
Swiss chard is a good source of chlorophyll.

While dietary supplements are available, many people opt to get plenty of chlorophyll in their diets by simply eating plenty of leafy green vegetables. Chlorophyll itself is considered a whole food rather than a drug or medicine. Humans thrive on the substance, as it produces similar effects to iron in the body.

Leaves are green because of chlorophyll.
Leaves are green because of chlorophyll.

Some people proclaim that one of the health benefits of chlorophyll is its usefulness in dietary cleanse programs. Products containing liquid chlorophyll are available for purchase for this very purpose. As leafy greens can help clean out the body and keep bowel movements regular through their fiber content, routinely ingesting them can yield similar results. Proponents of the chlorophyll also claim that the chemical can help remove toxins from the liver and blood.

Shots of wheatgrass, which contains high levels of chlorophyll.
Shots of wheatgrass, which contains high levels of chlorophyll.

Those who use chlorophyll in order to reduce their chances of getting cancer base their decisions on the chemical's antioxidant capacity. As antioxidants can help prevent the development or spread of free radicals in the body, they may help avert developing cancer or prevent its spread throughout the body. Some research suggests that the antioxidants present in chlorophyll may be similar to the content in vitamin C.

As chlorophyll works similarly to iron in the blood, some believe that it can help increase the oxygenation levels within the blood. A natural source of calcium, it can benefit the body in this way as well. Some even claim that chlorophyll can stop the spread of hazardous bacteria.

Most people can safely reap the health benefits of chlorophyll. It is considered a gentle, safe product that many people, including toddlers and the elderly, already consume on a daily basis through their meals. Chlorophyll can typically be purchased in health food stores.

People who do hope to become well using the health benefits of chlorophyll should keep in mind that most of these benefits have not been definitively proven by scientific studies. Doctors generally recommend that patients ingest regular leafy green vegetables in order to obtain these general health benefits. Some good sources of chlorophyll include Swiss chard, broccoli, asparagus, and Brussels sprouts.

Chlorophyll is safe for toddlers to consume.
Chlorophyll is safe for toddlers to consume.

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@JessicaLynn - Funny. I've always found it to be deeply unfair that most things that are good for you taste completely gross!

It's actually very interesting to know that chlorophyll is behind the antioxidant properties of vegetables. I've never heard that before. People always talk about leafy greens and their antioxidant properties but no one ever explains what's in the that is the antioxidant! This article definitely gave me my fun fact for the day.


I eat asparagus and broccoli all the time! So I guess I'm getting a decent amount of chlorophyll in my diet. Probably not as much as I would get from taking a dietary supplement though.

I actually tried taking a powdered supplement awhile back that had chlorophyll in it along with a bunch of other stuff. It contained a lot of vegetables, antioxidants, and other stuff that's just generally good for you. Unfortunately, it tasted disgusting. I think I took it for a couple of days and then gave up.

I'm glad to know that my diet is such that I'm getting the chlorophyll health benefits anyway!

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