What Are the Health Benefits of Almond Butter?

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Though almonds have more calories than most other nuts, almond butter is a healthy alternative to peanut butter and other spreads because of the numerous health benefits it offers. Health benefits of almond butter include a reduced risk of developing diabetes, lower cholesterol levels, and reduced blood pressure. Other benefits include increased energy levels, high amounts of protein, and high antioxidant levels. Overall heart health is one of the primary benefits of almond butter. Consuming almond butter on a regular basis may encourage healthier eating and help individuals to maintain a healthy body weight.

Heart health is one of the greatest benefits of almond butter. Studies have found that it even decreases the risk of developing heart disease. Almond butter is low in cholesterol and saturated fats, and it contains no trans-fats. Individuals who have high cholesterol or are at risk for developing heart disease may benefit greatly by substituting almond butter for other high-cholesterol spreads.

Almond butter not only contains low levels of cholesterol, it can even help to reduce harmful cholesterol that is absorbed from other foods. High levels of phytosterols are present in almond butter. This compound reduces the amounts of harmful cholesterol that is absorbed by the body and can greatly benefit the overall heart health of an individual. Almond butter has also been proven to reduce blood sugar levels in individuals, thus lowering the chances of developing diabetes or high blood pressure.


A number of minerals and nutrients can be found in almond butter, including high amounts of protein, Vitamin E, and folate. Almond butter also contains high levels of antioxidants, which are beneficial to overall health and can increase immunity levels. Large amounts of magnesium and potassium are also present in almond butter. As a result of these nutrients, as well as others, high levels of energy often result from consuming almond butter on a regular basis.

Some research also indicates that the phytochemicals present in almonds may help to reduce the chances of gallstones and some types of cancers. In addition to these benefits of almond butter, it has been suggested that individuals who consume almond butter on a regular basis are better able to maintain a healthy weight and may even lose weight as a result of the properties in almond butter. It has been found that almond butter may serve as an appetite suppressant. In combination with high energy levels and healthy fats, this may help overweight individuals to shed pounds.


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Post 7

I try to eat healthy and like to try new foods that are good for me. I kept hearing a lot about the benefits of almond butter, but it seemed so expensive to buy at the store. I did buy a jar and enjoyed it so much that I decided I needed to learn how to make it myself.

I bought some almonds in bulk so got a really good price on them. These were the raw almonds that didn't have any salt or had not been processed.

I use almond butter for anything that I used peanut butter for and feel that it is better for me too. I have even used it in baking when making muffins and cookies.

Post 6

I have always loved peanut butter, but once I tasted almond butter, I found a new favorite. This didn't surprise me since almonds are my first snack of choice.

It is pretty easy to make at home. Some people will soak their almonds so they are soft. You can also toast them in the oven for about 20 minutes before putting in a food processor.

When I make almond butter I just use almonds and some olive oil and keep processing until it's smooth. I also like to add a little bit of sea salt and some honey to taste.

I put it in a glass jar and store in the refrigerator. I love eating something that tastes so good and is so healthy for you too.

Post 5

I really enjoy almond butter, and also almond milk. I think almond products are a great replacement for peanut butter, rice milk or soy milk if people have allergies to those. I don't know anything about it as a weight loss tool, though, except that healthy proteins and fats are supposed to help suppress appetite, as far as I know.

Post 4

@geekish - I have seen recipes for almond butter cookies which calls for almond butter but you might have to filter through a few recipes because some just call for almonds (and yes I do find it a little funny to suggest a cookie recipe on a web page about the health benefits of almond butter but everything is okay in moderation - and you would still be getting the good stuff from the almond butter).

And a couple of the almond butters I have seen have quite the bit of sodium in them but they come in unsalted versions, but sometimes when you buy a more health conscious brand they will have a more moderate amount of salt without having

to forego all the sodium.

Lastly, you can make your own almond butter and therefore you can make it as high or low sodium as you would like! Look for recipes online - and I always try to use recipes that have already been tried and rated. And always check for comments on how users tweaked the recipe for their particular taste!

Post 3

@Sara007 - I am not sure if almond butter really works as an appetite suppressant or not, but I have personally found myself losing weight since the switch. I think it could be more a case of choosing healthier options overall though.

I actually switched to almond butter because my nutritionist told me it could help with my blood sugar levels. Both of my parents are diabetic so I am pretty much doing anything I can to avoid the same fate. So far good! My blood sugar levels are staying in the normal range and I don't miss regular butter at all.

Post 2

I love almonds! And I did not know that they made almond butter - so I'm excited to find out about it. Can anyone tell me what to make with it?

I can see how it would be a good source of almonds and all the good stuff almonds have to offer, but would you have to find the unsalted almond butter as they suggest to do with almonds since almonds often come packaged with a ton of salt?

Post 1

My family recently made the switch to almond butter because we wanted a bit of a change. We've been shopping at our farmer's market a lot recently and trying to get our hands on more locally produced products.

The almond butter we bought is really delicious and I like that it has so many health benefits. I suppose with all of the vitamins and minerals in it that it is a really good addition to our diet.

Does anyone know if almond butter really works as an appetite suppressant? I am trying to lose a few pounds and it would be amazing if almond butter could multi-task.

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