What are the Effects of Electromagnetic Field Exposure?

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People experience the effects of electromagnetic field exposures on a daily basis without even realizing it. This is because the effects of electromagnetic field exposures occur at a biological level in the body. These exposures trigger electrical currents that stimulate the nervous system. This stimulation can then cause other side effects as the body reacts. These side effects can include things such as depression, headaches, appetite loss, cancer, sleeping disorders, seizures and nausea.

Electromagnetic energy is emitted through common devices that people use every day. Some examples include cell phones, computers, microwaves, televisions and just about every other electrical device or appliance found in the home or office. Even staying away from these electronic devices won't eliminate the exposure to electromagnetic fields. This is because this energy is also emitted through power lines, satellites, electrical outlets and radio signals. In other words, electromagnetic fields are all around, and there's no escaping them.

When exposed to electromagnetic fields, the human body acts as a conductor and tries to ground the energy. As the energy is channeled through the body, it alters the natural biological processes taking place. It's able to do this because everything in the body runs on electrical impulses and charged particles. For example, the nervous system works by transmitting electrical impulses to the rest of the body. The side effects of electromagnetic field exposures are caused by a disruption in these electrical impulses that keep the body functioning normally.


Most of the reactions that people experience are within the normal scope of what the body can handle. Some experts, however, claim that long-term exposure can lead to adverse health effects. Although experts seem to agree on the risks associated with routine high exposure to electromagnetic fields, they seem to disagree on the negative side effects of electromagnetic field exposure in cases with long-term low exposure. Some claim that long-term exposure is a contributing factor in the rise in diagnoses of depression, cancer, sleeping disorders, seizures and other conditions. Others experts say that there is no concrete evidence to support these claims.

Scientists have spent decades researching the effects of electromagnetic field exposures, trying to determine whether they can be detrimental to human health. Some of these studies conclude that there are concrete links between exposures to electromagnetic fields and individuals experiencing adverse health effects. Just as many studies, however, conclude that there is insufficient data to prove a link. The one thing upon which the experts agree is that exposure to electromagnetic fields does cause biological changes in humans. It's whether these biological changes cause adverse effects that's up for debate.


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