What Are the Effects of an Orgasm?

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Studies have shown that there are a surprising number of both positive and negative effects of an orgasm. Most of the effects are positive and include stress relief, improved immune system functioning, and healthier skin. Occasionally, a person may experience negative effects, such as a headache or abdominal pain. These effects are seen more often in women than in men and may indicate the presence of health issues that need to be addressed. When in doubt concerning how an orgasm may affect an individual, a medical professional should be consulted for further evaluation.

Stress relief is one of the most well-known effects of an orgasm. As the mind and body relax, chemicals known as endorphins are released into the body. These endorphins help to ease stress and promote an overall sense of well-being. The pain of menstrual cramps or headaches can sometimes be eased by the release of these endorphins as well. Regular sexual activity, including orgasm, may also help to regulate a woman's menstrual cycle.

Several studies have indicated that one effect can be a healthier immune system. Immunoglobin A is a type of natural antibody produced by the body and helps to boost the functioning of the immune system. This antibody is released during an orgasm, leading to the theory that experiencing an orgasm on a regular basis may help the body's natural disease-fighting properties.

Positive effects of an orgasm may also include the promotion of healthy skin. The perspiration that occurs during sexual activity can flush toxins from the body while releasing oils that nourish the skin. The increased heart rate and deep breathing that naturally occur during an orgasm can help to push an extra burst of oxygen into the body, thus improving the overall health of the skin and other tissues of the body.

Although rare, an orgasm can have negative effects. Some people may develop a headache or experience moderate to severe abdominal pain during or immediately after an orgasm. Some people may even begin to sneeze uncontrollably as a result of sexual climax. In some cases, a woman may accidentally urinate during an orgasm, often signaling a problem with the bladder or the pelvic muscles. While these negative side effects do not usually indicate the presence of a major medical problem, it is always wise to discuss any health concerns with a medical professional.

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Post 6

One thing the author misses is the very positive effects of sex on the brain. I am no expert on the subject, but I know they are numerous.

Post 4

I was curious if an actual orgasm has to be reached to achieve the positive effects that the science of the orgasm has found to be true such as the increased immunity and endorphins?

I know it can sometimes be difficult to reach an orgasm for various reasons (which is why there is a joke about the female sound effects that are used to have their partner think they have had an orgasm).

But it seems endorphins being released and perspiring can happen during foreplay itself without orgasm. Not that I suggest going without an orgasm by any means but just out of curiosity - I wondered if foreplay might bring on some of the same effects.

Post 3

I had watched a very tame afternoon talk show about the positive effects of an orgasm and it was very informative and in good taste! And I thought it was important to know; it might just make you think twice before you turn over in bed to go to sleep without a little attempt at some foreplay!

The other thing I learned about from the show was how surprisingly low the average amount of times a married couple was having sex. I do not remember the actual numbers but I remember thinking, "So if I have sex just twice a week, I am doing better than average?"

But then again, I'm sure after you have kids it becomes more difficult to have sex between the exhaustion and smaller amount of time alone!

Post 2

I’ve heard that too. I’ve also heard that for men it’s linked to mortality. Men with two or more orgasms had fewer incidences of mortality and less susceptibility to diseases like cancer than men who didn’t.

I can never figure out how researchers can conduct these kinds of studies without so much as blushing, but apparently they seem certain of their numbers.

One question that comes up however is whether these health benefits are the same if the orgasm is from sexual activity or from self induced ejaculation. I’ve heard that the latter produced benefits as well, but not in the same capacity.

Either way, I’m confident that the science seems sound on the healthful side effects of orgasm.

Post 1

Well, I’ve heard that one of the best orgasm effects is that it’s a great form of exercise, if I may be so bold.

It’s not exactly promoted as such, but during sexual activity you burn a lot of calories and exercise a lot of muscles. It’s a great form of strength endurance and also a good form of cardiovascular fitness as well.

I don’t recall the actual numbers in terms of how many calories you will burn but it’s certainly one of the most pleasurable forms of exercise around, especially for people who would otherwise lead sedentary lifestyles and not get much activity.

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