What are the Different Ways to Use Pomegranate Juice?

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Pomegranate juice is flavorful, a delightful deep red color, and fast becoming the darling of the neutraceuticals or superfoods movements. It is known that the juice and fruit possess antioxidants, which may improve health, slow aging, decrease risk for heart disease and lower cholesterol. There are less proven suggestions that consumption of pomegranate juice cures impotence and eases difficult labor, and there exist foolhardy and unproven claims that the juice will prevent people from getting HIV, which is not proven and not true. Despite the questionable nature of some of the claims regarding pomegranate juice, it is clearly good food that can be used in a variety of ways.

With what many consider a delicious flavor, pomegranate juice is excellent when consumed just as it is. People should look for 100% pomegranate when they can get it, or juice their own in a juicer. Often juices are actually blends, though there are a few companies that produce 100% pomegranate juices. Of course, juice blends that contain pomegranate juice might add to its healthfulness. Cranberry pomegranate could be a great choice, especially if it doesn’t have sugar added, since cranberries are a healthful fruit too.


Some companies that produce sparkling juices that don’t have added sugar, create sparkling pomegranate juice blends. People can also make their own sparkling juice by mixing about three parts juice with one part sparkling or mineral water. This can make a delicious bubbly treat that is refreshing on a warm day.

There are a growing number of mixed drink cocktails that employ pomegranate juice. While adding alcohol could somewhat detract from any health benefits attributed to this fruit, certainly the color and flavor of the juice makes cocktails both attractive and tasty. For those who’d rather keep their drinks virgin, there are many mocktails too. Additionally, people can use pomegranate juice as a major component in smoothies. Another suggestion is to add it to black, green or herbal teas, to make wonderful and colorful fruit tea blends.

Other uses for pomegranate fruit and juice abound. It can be part of a marinade that helps to produce flavorful meat or certain vegetables. Adding some juice to vinaigrettes can add complexity and depth to salad dressing or marinade. Cooks use it in sauces too, and might deglaze a pan with it to make a delicious sauce for lighter meats. Pork and chicken are especially good paired with pomegranate flavors. People can even make jam with the juice, and those interested will find many other creative recipes on the Internet.


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Over ice you can pour some vodka, pomegranate juice, mix it and add some champagne. Nice and different.

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