What are the Different Ways to Use Lox?

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Lox is a versatile and healthy fish that can be used and flavored in a number of ways. At its most basic, it is a piece of salmon that has been cured with salt instead of cooked, which makes it a low fat option for sandwiches, breakfast dishes, omelets and bite-sized appetizers. It can also be used as a substitute for meats such as bacon in many dishes.

One of the characteristics of this smoked and seasoned salmon is that it can be sliced incredibly thin. Some say that the chef should be able to see through properly prepared lox, and this makes it an excellent choice for hors d'oeuvres. Small, thin pieces can easily sit on top of crackers, crepes or baguettes, or be wrapped around small vegetables and staked with a toothpick. A spread of lox and cream cheese is another popular and flexible dish that can be seasoned in a variety of ways.

It can also add a fresh taste and new texture to traditional breakfast foods. Slices of salmon can be added to scrambled eggs and onions, or cooked into an omelet. Since the thinly sliced salmon goes so well with cream cheese, it is also an option to put on bagels.


For the main course, this smoked salmon can be an interesting addition to a number of different dishes. It can make a non-traditional pizza topping, whether a full-size pizza or bagel pizzas. Small pieces can decorate salads in the same way slices of ham or turkey do. It can also be used in such dishes as a soufflé or quiche, which are by themselves attractive in their flexibility. Lox can also be used to spice up some dishes that are bland on their own and rely on their accompanying foods for taste, such as potato pancakes.

Lox can also be added to some traditional foods for a very different taste. For example, a few slices can be placed on a breakfast sandwich for a healthier alternative to sausage or bacon, or added to a hamburger for the same effect. In some cases, the adventurous can even extend this to making drinks; a Bloody Mary or vodka drink with lox can keep party-goers coming back for more unique recipes.

When the salmon is smoked and treated, it can be seasoned with a variety of herbs and spices. This adds to the versatility of the fish; when making homemade lox, a chef can think ahead to what he or she is going to do with the fish and season it appropriately. Different types of salmon have slightly different tastes and textures, and this can also be taken into account to make the perfect lox for the dish.


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