What are the Different Ways to Share Videos Online?

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A common way to share videos online is by uploading the video to a social networking website. This enables the individual to share videos online with the general public. To share videos online with one person, the individual may send what is known as a multi-media message (MMS). This can be done with a cellular phone. Other methods to share videos online may be through email or by video blogging.

Participating in video blogging will enable someone to share videos online and manage other content as well. Along with the video blog, the user may compose and publish an online journal, also known as a web log, or blog for short. Video blogs are often referred to as vlogs. The publisher has the option of allowing the public to view his videos, or he may allow only select individuals to access his video blog.

To share videos online, many people use digital cameras or mobile phones with a built-in camera. Web cameras with microphones are a basic way to record video that may be published in a video blog. A video blog may be updated regularly by the publisher to include the latest videos. These are typically uploaded in sequence and dated.


One common way to share videos online is to use a video sharing website. Many sites allow users to reach a worldwide audience, while others are limited to a particular region. Some of these websites are free to use, while others charge a fee. Some websites allow users who share videos online to earn revenue. This works by keeping track of how many visitors view an uploaded video, and paying a portion of profits based on the number of visitors who view videos.

Some file storing websites allow people to simply store videos and files that can be accessed by others. The user has the option of sharing his videos with anyone he chooses. This is similar to revenue sharing websites, without gaining any profit.

An easy and quick way to share videos with friends and family is by sending an attachment via email or a multimedia (MMS) message. The cellular phone used for sending short video messages must have multi-media capabilities, however. Many cell phone carriers charge a fee for sending MMS messages, and these fees may vary according to the carrier or size of the file. Sharing videos online via an email attachment will typically be free of charge when used with a free email service.


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