What are the Different Ways to Cure Stammering?

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There are many considerations when trying to cure stammering including working out what triggers it, how old the individual who is suffering is and what the underlying problem is. Despite the symptoms of stammering being similar for most people, the treatments often have to be different. Methods to cure stammering include speech therapy, developing social skills if the patient is a child and teaching the patient to be more assertive. If the true stammering triggers can be discovered, then addressing the underlying problem is often effective.

Although there is no easy cure for stammering there are many methods that have proven to be effective in reducing the symptoms. The most important is language therapy, which can teach a person how to control stammering. This type of therapy is most effective in younger children. If therapy hasn’t begun by this age seven, then it can be hard for the patient to be completely free from stammering.

A common method to help cure stammering is to tell the patient to speak slowly. Although this might seem like an obvious statement, many people who stammer try to speak faster in order to get the words out quickly, which can have the opposite effect. Many people who suffer from stammering also have problems with being assertive so treatment may involve exercises for this.


One way to cure stammering is to practice speaking in a controlled environment. For example, a patient can find a quiet room and read out loud for long periods of time. This helps to get the brain used to speaking clearly and may reduce the symptoms of stammering. Some people may also find that if they practice reading out loud without allowing the teeth to become separated then this can exercise the jaws of the muscle to a greater extent.

Stammering is a common problem that can be extremely frustrating for the person involved. Although the condition isn’t considered a disease, it can have a major impact on a person’s quality of life. For this reason, learning techniques to deal with the condition can make it easier to cope with on a daily basis and may help to reduce the symptoms over time. There is no sudden way to cure stammering but therapy can certainly help in most cases.


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