What are the Different Waste Management Jobs?

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Waste Management services have become synonymous with trash disposal and waste pickup. In addition to the route drivers and route pickup service personnel, waste management jobs may also include salesmen, customer service representatives, mechanics, route service drivers, route service pickup personnel, and field waste characterization specialists. Each of these positions provides a necessary link in the chain of waste management services.

The sales staff is essential to the success of many other waste management jobs. Foot sales, Internet sales, and mail sales can all be used to promote the waste management services and keep the business profitable. Waste management sales may include both residential and commercial waste management services.

Working hand in hand with the sales staff, the customer service representative may answer sales calls, customer complaint calls, and calls for service changes, upgrades, and downgrades. Depending on the size of the waste management facility in the area, the number of customer service representatives may vary widely. The area may also denote changes in job description based on regional waste management needs.

The mechanic is one of the waste management jobs operating behind the scenes to keep the fleet of waste management trucks and service vehicles running. The mechanic will often be employed full time for truck repairs and truck inspections. The size of the waste management fleet may depend on the size of the service area and the number of trucks in the fleet.


The route service drivers and route service pickup personnel have become synonymous with many waste management companies. These service personnel are the ones who may pick up the trash disposal on designated days of the week. Many areas also employ separate waste management employs for the pickup of recycling and normal household trash.

While many of the waste management jobs are focused on the physical operation of the business, other waste management jobs, like the field waste characterization specialist, work in a more detailed sector of the population to ensure the safe disposal of all types of waste. The field waste characterization specialist most often works in the retail sector. These specialists work to ensure all national and regional laws are followed with the disposal of waste.

The waste management jobs most widely recognized may not be the only jobs filled in order to keep the business running on a day to day basis. The waste management business often provides a series of services which require different personnel and areas of expertise. The variance in jobs will often rely on the regional needs and expectations.


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