What are the Different Virtual Office Jobs?

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In the changing global economy, there is a need for a wide range of different virtual office jobs. A virtual office job is one that allows the employee to work from a remote location, while completing the tasks required by the employer. This type of work relationship is growing in popularity as it expands the job candidate base, provides increased flexibility for the employee, and reduces the overhead costs to the employer.

There are at least four different virtual office departments available: technical, administrative, creative, and sales. All these jobs can be performed from a virtual location while providing assurances to the employer that tasks are being completed and employee productivity tracked. The skill sets required for these positions are widely different, as are the jobs themselves.

Technical virtual office jobs include computer programmers, systems analysts, project managers, and consultants. The tasks required for these jobs are well-defined, take a predetermined amount of time and effort to complete and require very specific skills.

These types of jobs can be completed by full-time staff, or by freelance workers on a contract. The details of the employment arrangement have an impact on the quality of the candidates, the speed at which the work is completed and the overall costs to the employer. There are taxation implications for both types of employee that should be considered.


The different virtual office jobs in administrative range from accountants to customer service staff. The use of computer networks, call forwarding, and other technology increases the flexibility to shift to this type of arrangement. These types of jobs are usually task-oriented, with a specific schedule completion date required. Creative jobs that can be considered virtual office jobs include website management and creation of advertising campaigns. Both jobs are independent in nature, but require cooperation and communication with the client on a regular basis.

Sales jobs, another type of the different virtual office jobs, are a natural fit for a virtual office, as they are commission-based. The employee is self-motivated to put in the effort and time required to complete their tasks. The tools required for this type of work are a standard computer, access to the Internet and a telephone.

Virtual office jobs require a method of monitoring employee productivity and activity levels. There are several software products available to track the levels of activity and to ensure that employees in virtual offices are following the standard business process of the employer.

If you are interested in converting your job into one of the different virtual office jobs that are available, talk to your manager about a pilot project. Identify specific tasks that can be done from a virtual office and schedule a short time period for the project. Complete the tasks from your virtual office and then you and your manager can evaluate the issues and determine if this is a suitable option for you.


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